What holiday is August 18th?

Holiday Category Tags
National Thrift Shop Day Special Interest Fashion, Lifestyle
Aug 18 Thursday
National Bad Poetry Day Arts & Entertainment Fun, Weird National
National Couple’s Day Relationship Activities, Love

What occasion is in August in Philippines?

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Name of Event Date/Venue
Mercedes Kadagatan Festival August 1 – 8 Mercedes, Camarines Norte
Higalaay Festival Whole month of August Cagayan de Oro City
KUMBIRA Culinary Show and Live Competitions August 19-21 Limketkai Atrium, Cagayan de Oro
Pangapog Festival August 1 – 7 Samal Island, Davao

Is September 18 2020 a holiday in Philippines?

In an advisory issued by Naga City Mayor Nelson Legacion, he said “All are advised that September 18, 2020, the Friday immediately preceding the Feast of Our Lady of Peñafrancia, is a special non-working holiday in the city of Naga.”

What holiday is on August 19 in the Philippines?

Quezon Day
6741 (Quezon Day) or “An Act to Commemorate the Birth Anniversary of Former President Manuel L. Quezon”, August 19 of each year is declared as Special Working Holiday in the Philippines and a Special Non-Working Public Holiday in the province of Quezon, Aurora, and Quezon City.

Why is August 18th special?

On this day in 1920, the Nineteenth Amendment was ratified after Tennessee—by just one vote—became the 36th state to approve it, capping the 72-year fight to win women the right to vote in the United States.

What holidays are on August?

August 2021 Holidays and Celebrations

  • 01 Sun. National Girlfriend Day.
  • 01 Sun. Colorado Day.
  • 01 Sun. Sisters’ Day.
  • 01 Sun. National Friendship Day.
  • 01 Sun. National Minority Donor Awareness Day.
  • 01 Sun. American Family Day.
  • 01 Sun. World Scout Scarf Day.
  • 01 Sun. International Childfree Day.

What is celebrated in August?

35 Offbeat Holidays You Can Celebrate in August

  • August 1: National Girlfriends Day.
  • August 1: Respect for Parents Day.
  • August 1: Rounds Resounding Day.
  • August 1: National Mustard Day.
  • August 2: National Psychic Day.
  • August 2: National Sisters Day.
  • August 4: Single Working Women’s Day.
  • August 5: National Underwear Day.

What holiday is tomorrow October 18 2021?

Alaska Day: Alaska Day is a legal holiday in the U.S. state of Alaska observed on October 18, 2021, which marks the 154th anniversary of the formal transfer of the Territory of Alaska from Russia to the United States which occurred on Friday, October 18, 1867.

Is it holiday in the Philippines today?

Today – 7 February 2022 – is not a holiday in the Philippines. Under the Labour Code of the Philippines, all employees are entitled to receive a paid day off for the 14 national holidays. Special non-working days do not qualify for holiday pay.