What is a butler wall?

The Butlerib II EX™ and Butlerib® II Wall Systems create the look and performance you want, with outstanding affordability, and provides a low-cost alternative to IMPs. Both systems offer unlimited. They offer unlimited design freedom and are the fundamental wall system for any Butler® building.

What is a Butler type building?

Noun. Definition: A pre-engineered metal building typically used for light industrial purposes; characterized by pre-engineered metal walls and/or wood pole barn construction.

How wide is Butler tin?

With 16” metal roof panels made from 24-gauge steel, plus a wide range of Butler-Cote™ and cool roof color options, the VSR II™ system offers a unique and sleek design matched with enhanced energy efficiency and durability.

What does Butler Manufacturing do?

Buildings North America, including Butler Buildings and Varco Pruden Buildings, is a fully integrated business that designs, manufactures and markets custom engineered metal building systems and components for industrial, commercial and community segments of low-rise non-residential building and construction markets …

Where are Butler buildings made?

1 in premium steel building products in China. At Butler Manufacturing, you can trust that we will always challenge the status quo to do and be best.

What are Butler buildings made of?

One of the distinguishing features of Butler is that they primarily produce pre-engineered buildings. These metal buildings use high-quality roofing, structural, and insulating materials to deliver a versatile, durable metal building solution.

Where are Butler Buildings manufactured?

1 in premium steel building products in China. At Butler Manufacturing, you can trust that we will always challenge the status quo to do and be best.

When did Butler start?

North American Metal Building Pioneers For more than 100 years, the name Butler has been synonymous with innovation. Butler Manufacturing™ was founded in 1901 in Kansas City, Missouri and is credited with pioneering the start of the global metal building industry.

Where are Butler buildings manufactured?

Why choose a butler wall system?

Designed to complement Butler ® structural systems, Butler wall systems include a variety of styles and finishes. Superior engineering delivers both greater energy efficiency, and fast and accurate installation. Ready To Start Building? Find your local Butler Builder ® to get started on your project!

What kind of roof system does Butler use?

Butler’s basic roof system used for the Widespan™ structural system The VSR II™ architectural roof system is a versatile structural standing-seam roof system designed exclusively for architectural applications with roof slopes of 1/4”:12” and greater.

Why choose Butler Manufacturing™?

Take your project to new heights with Butler Manufacturing™. Offering state-of-the-art materials matched with endless customization options, our metal roof systems are designed with performance and aesthetics in mind.

Why choose Butler exterior paint?

Butler uses the Butler-Cote premium high reflectivity factory applied finish system on all exterior painted products. When a curb is included with your order, flanges are customized to fit perfectly as possible and designed to carry certain point loads required for equipment placement.