What is a low-loader vehicle?

The Low Loaders are just that low rear loading height so no need for a tail lift, these can be van style to open frame to carry waste bins all on one vehicle so takes the need for drivers to be skilled in trailer reversing. All of this range can be custom built to suit your exact requirements.

What is the height of a low-loader?

Vehicle Dimensions (mm)

Minimum Age for insurance 21
Vehicle Payload 1000kg
Vehicle Length 6350mm
Vehicle Width (including mirrors) 2450mm
Vehicle Height 3200mm

How low is a low-loader?

A Low Loader is a semi-trailer that has two drops in trailer height one drop right after the gooseneck and one drop in front of the rear axles. This allows the trailer bed to be extremely low compared to normal trailers.

How wide are low loaders?

Deck Widening – Without Steer Deck widening low loaders are used mainly where wide machines need to be transported into areas where access is difficult and roads are narrow. The wheels stay at 2.5m wide but decks can widen up to 3.5m to suit the width of the load.

What is a low loader van?

A low loader van is essentially a Luton but with a lower floor. A tail lift isn’t required simply because the rear loading height is low enough to easily lift items into the van without one.

How do you load a low loader?

  1. Attach trailer to truck.
  2. Detach rear part of trailer (switch to rear “implement” using “G” button (if default buttons), then hit “Q”.
  3. Drive onto lowloader.
  4. Back truck up to trailer.
  5. Attach rear part of trailer (Q)
  6. Drive away.

How does a low loader trailer work?

It is the most common and versatile of lowboy trailers; the gooseneck is detached using large hydraulic cylinders to raise and lower the trailer and a small cylinder shores the neck to the truck, removing the neck so a large piece of equipment can be driven over the front onto the deck of the trailer for transport.

What is low loader truck?

We have various low / step frame trailers intended for transportation of heavy oversize cargo. Low loader have a better centre of gravity as the bed is lowered compared to normal trailers. Various lengths and weight-carrying capacities make it possible to use it for various types of cargo.

How long is a prime mover?

Longer combinations – Longer total combination lengths, including the 20m prime mover and semitrailer, 27m B-double, and 26m prime mover semitrailer and unladen converter dolly….Road train prime mover notice length limits.

Vehicle Prescribed length Notice length
Prime mover semitrailer 19.0m 20m

What is the height of a prime mover?

between 4.3m to 4.6m
Prime mover towing a semi-trailer This type of prime movers consists of a twin steer axle group and tandem axle drive group, hauled with a semi-trailer with 2 or 3 axles. The length should be 19m and height between 4.3m to 4.6m with a maximum capacity of 47.5 tonnes.

How long is a Luton low loader?

Payload for the standard Low-Floor Luton is 1,050kg*, while the load floor measures 4,080mm long….PEUGEOT LOW-FLOOR LUTON VAN.

MODEL Low Floor Luton

What is the payload of a Luton van?

between 1,000kg and 1,212kg
How Much Weight (Payload) Can A Luton Van Carry? Luton vans can carry between 1,000kg and 1,212kg depending on make and model. When fully loaded, regardless of make or model, they must not exceed a GVW of 3,500kg (3.5 tonnes) and the unladen weight of the vehicle will directly dictate payload capacity.

What are the dimensions of a semi low loader?

In gauge cargo dimensions for a Semi Low Loader in the U.K; Bed Length:- 9.00m*. Neck Length:- 4.00m**. Width:- 2.90m. Height:- 4.00m* (this height only available in bed of trailer) Height:- 3.00m** (this height is on the neck of the trailer)

What is the weight of a low loader trailer?

Weight:- 22 000kg The specifications and dimensions of Low Loader Trailers vary to a degree, but all are specifically designed for the transport of out of gauge cargo, most commonly loads of an abnormal height.

What is a LowLow loader?

Low Loaders are commonly requested by clients for abnormal loads, but usually they are not actually required. Most commonly the trailer that is required is a semi low loader.

What is a 150 ton lowbed trailer used for?

This low bed trailer normally is used to transport large construction machineries, such as excavators, rollers and cranes. 2)Of course, low bed trailer are also used to transport heavy cargo. Due to the low center of gravity of the lowbed trailer transport, 150 ton lowbed trailer can transport huge cargo and avoid damage to the cargo.