What is AfrikaBurn?

Many years later, here we are in South Africa with AfrikaBurn, one of the largest regional Burning Man events outside of the USA. AfrikaBurn takes place at Quaggafontein in the Tankwa Karoo, which is located in the Western Cape Province of South Africa.

What is the AfrikaBurn San clan?

In making use of the image, even in its modified form as the icon now recognised as the AfrikaBurn San Clan, the founders of AfrikaBurn sought to obtain permission from the San community. In doing so, members of AfrikaBurn’s team sought the Khomani San’s opinion on the use of a San image for the organisation.

Are there any Khoi/San elders at AfrikaBurn?

This has been echoed by consultation with Khoi/San elders that have participated at AfrikaBurn from 2016 to 2019, including members of Khoikhoi and San elders from Kalahari, Northern Cape, Beaufort West and George, Western Cape including David Rooi and Abraham Kruiper (brother of the late San leader David Kruiper) and Piet Berendse.

What is AfrikaBurn’s volunteer days?

Volunteer Days (at AfrikaBurn’s workspace in Cape Town, and also in relation to the Streetopia event) AfrikaBurn’s aim is to be radically inclusive and accessible to anyone.

How much is an AfrikaBurn ticket refund worth?

The sliding refund scale also applies to other AfrikaBurn ticket types, but in direct proportion to their cost. For example, a Kids’ Ticket at R499 would get a 75% refund if AfrikaBurn is cancelled on the 30th January 2022 – equalling a R374 refund (minus any transaction fees).

When did AfrikaBurn change its name?

On 16 July 2008 the new name, AfrikaBurn, was officially announced via email. The new name preserves the identity of the event, but rules out possible negative interpretations by changing the name from something that happens (‘burns’) to Africa, to something that happens (a ‘burn’) in Africa.

What happened at AfrikaBurn quaggafontein 2019?

Our Own Zone (The first work party and ‘ Meet the Land ’ weekend) What follows is a simple description of the happenings of the 6th to 8th December 2019 on the newly acquired Quaggafontein property. AfrikaBurn’s new event site and future development ‘New Hori Zone’. Photo by Simon O’Callaghan Day 1-4 The first team…