What is devdevbox?

DevBox is a uniform local development environment for your Predix projects. It’s a CentOS 7 Linux system packaged as an OVA file preconfigured with tools for your Predix development. OVA technologies run in data centers and are designed to be efficient, scalable, and portable.

Is Dev-box testing the alternative of testing in test environment?

Dev-box testing is not the alternative of testing in test-environment anyway. I have seen personally many times when developer says that he has committed the code and functionality is ready for test, either it doesn’t work completely or it breaks some other functionality from regression point of view.

What is the digits Devbox?

In the pursuit of continuing innovation and adopting deep learning for our own goals, NVIDIA engineers built a deep learning machine that fits under your desk—DIGITS DevBox. Please note that we are sold out of our inventory of the DIGITS DevBox, and no new systems are being built

What are the pre-requisites to run a Devbox?

For Predix Users: Pre-requisite: Get a VM Player to run your DevBox such as VirtualBox or VMWare Player. Please Download Predix DevBox. Use the DevBox SHA2 file or MD5 file for download verification. Note: This DevBox does not have proxy environment variables set.