What is EHD in gas piping?

*EHD (Effective Hydraulic Diameter) A relative measure of Flow Capacity: This number is used to compare individual sizes between differnt manufacures. The higher the EHD number the greater flow capacity of the piping.

Is CSST gas line safe?

Like all approved gas piping systems, CSST is safe when properly installed. CSST must be installed by a qualified professional and in accordance with the Manufacturer’s Design and Installation Guide, which includes bonding and grounding of the system.

Can CSST be buried?

Can it be buried? Yes, however it must be sleeved in a non-metallic conduit ½” larger than the pipe. HOME-FLEX CSST has been tested and certified by CSA and IAPMO for compliance with the industry standard ANSI LC-1 / CSA 6.26, “Fuel Gas Piping Systems using Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST).”

Can CSST be exposed?

in an exposed condition, the CSST shall be protected from mechanical damage inside a conduit or chase. This means CSST is not an acceptable substitute for an appliance connector.

Can you reuse CSST?

Pro-Flex CSST fittings and components are reusable.

How do you identify CSST pipe?

How to identify CSST. CSST looks similar to a gas connector, but is easily distinguished by a flexible yellow polyethylene jacket on the outside. Gas connectors will often have a coating on the outside – not a jacket. CSST will also be identified as such on the jacket itself.

Are CSST’s safe?

Every death is a tragedy, and that is why manufacturers are moving to a safer CSST design using the conductive jacketed CSST. In fact, there have been no injuries or deaths associated with Omega Flex’s world-class CSST products.

What does CSST stand for?

That is why an alternative to black iron pipe was developed—corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST).

What is CSST gas piping?

First developed in Japan to solve the dangers of broken rigid gas piping in an earthquake, and then brought to the United States by the American Gas Association (AGA) and the Gas Research Institute (GRI) in the United States as an alternative gas piping solution, CSST was developed to eliminate the difficulties and dangers of rigid gas piping.