What is Juniper Virtual Chassis?

Virtual Chassis Basics on Switches. Virtual Chassis is a feature on Juniper Networks routing or switching devices that provides network resiliency in the form of redundant Routing Engines and network expansion flexibility with minimal impact to a configuration.

What is the difference between ex and Qfx Juniper?

The main difference between the two series has to do with the supported network architecture. Each QFX Series switch falls under one of two categories: spine and leaf, whereas EX Series switches are divided into three categories: access, aggregate and core.

What is VCP in Juniper switch?

Basic Configuration of EX Series Virtual Chassis You set up an EX Series Virtual Chassis by configuring Virtual Chassis ports (VCPs) on the member switches, and interconnecting the switches using the VCPs. VCPs are responsible for passing all data and control traffic between member switches in the Virtual Chassis.

What is Juniper VCF?

The Juniper Networks Virtual Chassis Fabric (VCF) provides a low-latency, high-performance fabric architecture that can be managed as a single device. VCF is an evolution of the Virtual Chassis feature, which enables you to interconnect multiple devices into a single logical device, inside of a fabric architecture.

How do you stack Juniper EX3400?

Best Answer. The simplest way to interconnect EX3400 or EX4300 switches into a non-mixed EX3400 or EX4300 Virtual Chassis is to install the switches within 492 feet of one another and interconnect them into a Virtual Chassis by using the QSFP+ ports.

What is Qfx Juniper?

High-performance, high-density data center switches. Rethink data center operations and fabric management with a single turnkey system that automates the entire network lifecycle to simplify design and deployment and provide closed-loop assurance. …

What is Virtual Chassis fabric?

Virtual Chassis Fabric (VCF) evolves Virtual Chassis by allowing customers to interconnect multiple switches into a spine-and-leaf fabric architecture and manage the interconnected switches as a single device. VCF provides many of the benefits of a Virtual Chassis while supporting up to 20 devices.

What is Juniper good for?

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How do I configure a virtual chassis on the Juniper EX series?

You have two ways of configuring a Virtual Chassis (VC) on the Juniper EX Series. One method would be use VCP cables that will connect the two EX switches together (which will be written about shortly).

What is the Juniper EX series?

With the EX Series, wired access networks don’t have to be complex—you can reduce risk and cost without compromising performance, quality, or innovation. Easily onboard, configure, and manage the switches and operate campus fabrics at scale with the Juniper Mist Cloud.

What is an ex series Virtual Chassis?

In an EX Series Virtual Chassis, you can interconnect standalone switches in the following combinations into one logical device, and manage the logical device as a single chassis: EX2200 Virtual Chassis, composed of up to four EX2200 switches.

What can you do with the Juniper EX switches?

Easily onboard, configure, and manage the switches and operate campus fabrics at scale with the Juniper Mist Cloud. Combine the EX switches with Juniper’s Wi-Fi portfolio for a unified wired and wireless solution, driven by Mist AI, that delivers simple and secure connectivity at scale.