What is the legal size of a Spanish mackerel?

12 inches
Minimum Size Limit 12 inches fork length except a vessel fishing under a quota for Spanish mackerel may possess no more than 5%, by weight, of undersized Spanish mackerel.

What is considered a large Spanish mackerel?

The average size of Spanish Mackerel is from 2-3 pounds, while a weight of 9-10 pounds is considered large. Spanish Mackerels are considered coastal pelagic fin fish, forming immense, fast-moving schools that range the open seas of the Atlantic Ocean, from New York to the Gulf of Mexico.

How big do Spanish mackerel have to be to keep in Florida?

Regulations: The Spanish mackerel, is what you generally think of when you hear “mackerel” in Florida. The Spanish has a min size limit of 12″ to the fork and a bag limit of 15 fish per person per day.

What is the biggest Spanish mackerel ever caught?

On December 27, 2015, Isamu Kinoshita caught an impressive 10.57-kilogram (23-pound, 4-ounce) Japanese Spanish mackerel to set the IGFA All-Tackle World Record.

How big can a mackerel grow?

Biology. Atlantic mackerel grow fast, up to 16 ½ inches and 2.2 pounds. They can live up to 20 years and are able to reproduce by the time they reach age 2 to 3.

Is Spanish mackerel vs Atlantic mackerel?

Distribution: The Atlantic mackerel has a much narrower distribution than either the Spanish or king mackerels. These fish live primarily in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean, on both sides. Appearance and Biology: Atlantic Mackerel are much, much smaller than their south Atlantic counterparts.

How many Spanish mackerel can you keep per person?

15 fish
Recreational Spanish mackerel Both the Gulf and Atlantic migratory groups have a 15 fish per person bag limit year round.

What is the difference between Spanish mackerel and king mackerel?

Adult Spanish mackerel and juvenile king mackerel can look a lot alike. Both are long, slender fish with a forked tail and bronze-colored spots on the body. But the Spanish mackerel features a black spot on the first dorsal fin that the king mackerel lacks. The line on the Spanish mackerel gently curves to the tail.

What is the minimum size for mackerel?

30 cm

Species Minimum Landing Size
Mackerel – Scomber Scombrus 30 cm
Horse Mackerel – Trachurus Trachurus 15 cm
Megrim – Lepidorhombus spp. 20 cm
Plaice – Pleuronectes platessa 27 cm

Can you fish for mackerel all year round?

May-June is the best time to catch mackerel, although they are caught all summer in numbers and larger specimens are sometimes caught in winter.

Do Spanish mackerel have scales?

Spanish mackerel have no swim bladder and the body is covered with small silvery scales. This mackerel also lacks scales on the pectoral fins except at the bases as does the king mackerel.

What is the best bait for Spanish mackerel?

Mullet, preferably the White mullet over the Striped mullet, work very well for Spanish mackerel. Mullet stay on the hook better than most any other baitfish, making it the recommended bait for casting far distances such as casting off of piers and beaches.

Are Spanish mackerel good to eat?

Spanish mackerel, an especially good eating finfish, produces an attractive plate-size cutlet or an essentially boneless fillet. Mackerel can be fried, baked, poached, grilled, marinated, smoked and barbecued t is considered by some to be the best barbecue fish in the South Pacific.

What is the best way to cook Spanish mackerel?

Spanish Mackerel is best eaten fresh because it does not freeze well. The best way to cook Spanish is to broil or grill it. It’s high oil content keeps the Spanish from sticking to the pan. Adding citrus and herbs to Spanish Mackerel is one of the best ways to prepare it.