What is the rate law for SO2Cl2 SO2 Cl2?

The first-order reaction, SO2Cl2→SO2+Cl2 S O 2 C l 2 → S O 2 + C l 2 , has a rate constant equal to 2.20×10−5s−1 2.20 × 10 − 5 s − 1 at 593 K.

What are the units rate constant?

The units of the rate constant, k, depend on the overall reaction order. The units of k for a zero-order reaction are M/s, the units of k for a first-order reaction are 1/s, and the units of k for a second-order reaction are 1/(M·s).

How do you calculate rate constant units?

To find the units of a rate constant for a particular rate law, simply divide the units of rate by the units of molarity in the concentration term of the rate law.

Is the reaction first or second order with respect to SO2Cl2?

Question: 1. The decomposition of sulfuryl chloride (SO2 Cl2 ) is a first-order process. The rate constant for the decomposition at 660 K is 4.5 x 10−2 s−1 .

Which of the following statements is correct for zero order reactions?

Statement – II: For a zero order reaction, the rate of reaction is independent of initial concentration.

How do you find the rate constant from a table?

From a Table. To determine the rate law from a table, you must mathematically calculate how differences in molar concentrations of reactants affect the reaction rate to figure out the order of each reactant. Then, plug in values of the reaction rate and reactant concentrations to find the specific rate constant.

What is the rate constant of a first order reaction?

k is the first-order rate constant, which has units of 1/s. The method of determining the order of a reaction is known as the method of initial rates. The overall order of a reaction is the sum of all the exponents of the concentration terms in the rate equation.

What is the oxidation number of SO2Cl2?

Therefore oxidation number of S in SO2Cl2 is +6.

What is the unit of rate constant for a zero order reaction?

The unit of the rate constant in a zero-order reaction is given by concentration/time or M/s where ‘M’ is the molarity and ‘s’ refers to one second.

What is the rate constant for first order reaction?

Rate constant of a first order reaction is 1.