What is the total salary of an Indian army officer?

The typical Indian Army Army Officer salary is ₹12,24,769 per year. Army Officer salaries at Indian Army can range from ₹1,23,600 – ₹36,01,285 per year.

What is the pay scale of army officer?

Indian Army Salary Before 7th Pay Commission

Indian Rank Pay Band Salary (corresponding pay band) as per 6th Pay Commission
Indian Army Captain Salary PB 3 15600-39100
Indian Army Major Salary PB 3 15600-39100
Indian Army Lieutenant Colonel Salary PB 4 37400-67000
Indian Army Colonel Salary PB 4 37400-67000

Are Indian Army officers paid well?

“Defence service officers and JCO/ORs [Joint Commissioned Officers/Other Ranks] in India, based on VI CPC [central pay commission] pay scales, are placed quite well in terms of pay, even in relation to defence personnel in countries like US and UK, where the GDP per capita in PPP terms for the country as a whole is …

What is Inhand salary of lieutenant in Indian Army?

The CTC for a Lieutenant would be approximately Rs. 80000/- per month. This includes Basic Pay, DA, Grade Pay, Military Service Pay, Tech Pay, House Rent Allowance and Transport Allowance.

What is the salary of a Para SF commando?

Salary. The Salary of Para Commando soldiers for holding a position of Sepoy is ₹ 17,300 per month. Army Soldier salary in Para Commando ( Special Forces ) ranges between ₹ 3.6 Lakhs – ₹ 4.6 Lakhs. Special Forces also receive an allowance of ₹ 6000 per month in Para Battalion as Para Pay.

What is the salary of Gorkha commando?

Executive Army salary in 11th Gorkha Rifles ranges between ₹ 7.6 Lakhs to ₹ 9.7 Lakhs.

How many colonels are there in Indian Army?

A recent, credible, approximate breakdown (available on Quora) of the strength of officers is 60 Lieutenant Generals, 270 Major Generals, 850 Brigadiers, 4,500 Colonels, and 41,000 Lieutenant Colonels and lower, for an army cadre of 46,681 officers in all in a 1.3 million strong army.

What is the salary of Governor?

Salary of the government officials in India

Position in the Indian order of precedence Post Basic pay per month (excluding other emoluments and allowances)
4 Governors ₹350,000 (US$4,600)
6 Chief Justice of India ₹280,000 (US$3,700)
9 Judges of the Supreme Court ₹250,000 (US$3,300)
9A Chief Election Commissioner

How is the Indian Army salary determined?

The Indian Army Salary counts on the rank or the trades of the candidates holding a post within the Indian Army. The Army pay grade differs from the army base pay to that of a military officer pay. The 6th pay commission has improved the Indian military officer Salary and provided many allowances still.

What is the pay scale of an Indian Army JCO?

As per 7th Central Pay Commission, Pay Scale and allowances entitled to Indian Army officer/JCOs/ Below Officer Rank are given in Pay Scale Table below:- 2. Military Service Pay (MSP): An Officer of Army is entitled to get Rs 15,500/- plus DA per month as Military Service Pay (MSP) from the rank of Lieutenant to Brigadier. 3.

What is the highest post in Indian Army according to 6th Pay Commission?

Check the details of Pay Scale and Salary per month according to 6th pay commission in the table given below: The highest post in the Indian Army is the position of Field Marshal position. This rank is often ceremonial in India and is not included in the normal hierarchy.

How does the Indian Army salary slip work?

The Indian army salary slip is increased with allowances and bonuses that improve over time. Therefore, based on the candidate’s designation, the Indian army salary per month will considerably increase. Post the candidate’s Indian army recruitment, the allowances and perks improve with a better designation and over time.