What is the world record for biggest pumpkin?

1,226 kg
Farmer Stefano Cutrupi from the commune of Radda in Chianti, Tuscany, has been growing giant pumpkins since 2008. An Italian farmer smashed the heaviest pumpkin record with a specimen that weighed 1,226 kg (2,702 lb 13.9 oz) — to be heavier than a Nissan Micra car, or about the same as 17.5 adult men!

What country holds the title for the world’s heaviest pumpkin in 2014?

The winning entrant was spawned from a seed taken from a 2,323lb (1,054kg) pumpkin grown in Switzerland in 2014 that holds the world record, according to the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth. The seed itself set a record when Ipswich-based seed company Thompson and Morgan paid £1,250 for it at an auction earlier this year.

Which country has the largest pumpkin ever?

A farmer from Italy has just smashed the heaviest pumpkin record, with a specimen that tipped the scales at 1,226 kg (2,702 lb 13.9 oz).

Where is the world’s largest pumpkin 2020?

A monster pumpkin in Italy has been declared the world’s largest, sparking a fierce battle for the giant vegetable crown

  • 26 September saw the world’s largest pumpkin crowned in Italy, at La Zuccone competition.
  • Tuscan grower Stefano Cutrupi took the world record from Belgium title holders.

What is the world record watermelon?

“The Guinness Book of World Records” reports the largest watermelon ever grown to be one of ten giant fruit harvested in 1990 in Arrington, Tennessee, by Mr. Bill Carson and weighing 262 pounds (118.7 kg).

What was the largest pumpkin pie ever made?

The Guinness World Record for the largest pumpkin pie was set back in September 2010 at the New Bremen Pumpkinfest, in New Bremen, Ohio, where the New Bremen Giant Pumpkin Growers made a whopping pie 20 feet in diameter that tipped the scales at 3,699 pounds.

Why are giant pumpkins giant?

Giant pumpkins need a lot of water and sugar, and they need it fast. A typical giant pumpkin grows from seed to huge orange squash in only 120 to 160 days. At peak growth, it’s putting on 15 kilograms (33 pounds) every day. (To grow a massive pumpkin, farmers will only let one pumpkin on each plant reach full size.)

What is the biggest pumpkin in the world 2021?

2,703 pounds
As of October 2021, the world record for largest giant pumpkin stands at 2,703 pounds. The massive squash was grown by Stefano Cutrupi in the Italian region of Tuscany. Cutrupi earned the crown at this year’s European Pumpkin Weighing Championship in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

What is the world’s largest tomato?

Grown by Dan Sutherland (USA), the heaviest tomato weighed 10 lb 12.7 oz (4.896 kg) when measured in Walla Walla, Washington, USA, on 15 July 2020. The achievement was authenticated by the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth (GPC). The tomato was of the “Domingo” variety.

Which is the largest fruit?

The current world record holder for heaviest fruit is a pumpkin that weighed 1,190.5 kg (2,624.6 lb), which was grown by Mathias Willemijns.

Who made the largest pumpkin pie?

New Bremen Giant Pumpkin Growers
The largest pumpkin pie weighed in at 3,699 pounds and was made by New Bremen Giant Pumpkin Growers at New Bremen Pumpkinfest in New Bremen, Ohio, in September 2010, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. The pie measured 20 feet in diameter and the crust was made from 440 sheets of dough.

What is the world record for the biggest pumpkin?

The heaviest pumpkin weighs 1,190.49 kg (2,624.6 lb), was grown by Mathias Willemijns (Belgium) and authenticated by the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth (GPC) in Ludwigsburg , Germany, on 9 October 2016. Competition is fierce in the world of car-sized pumpkins, with the record for the biggest having changed hands five times in as many years.

What is the heaviest pumpkin ever recorded?

The record for the world’s heaviest pumpkin was set on 15 October 2011 in Ontario, Canada. The pumpkin, weighing 1,818lb and 5oz (824.86kg), was confirmed by Guinness World Records as the heaviest ever.

What was the weight of the largest pumpkin ever grown?

The record for the heaviest pumpkin ever grown worldwide was set this year by a grower from Switzerland with a pumpkin weighing about 2,100 pounds (952 kg), according to the website for the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth .

What is the largest pumpkin ever grown?

Atlantic Giant . The largest pumpkin variety in the world is Howard Dill’s Atlantic Giant. These pumpkins have been grown for over 30 years with one record pumpkin grown in Canada weighing in at 1,006 lbs. Vines of the Atlantic Giant can grow as long as 90 feet long and the pumpkins can gain as much as 15 lbs.