What is third age divide and conquer?

Third Age: Divide and Conquer Divide and Conquer takes everything about the original mod and turns it up to 11. It expands the original faction roster to 26, adds in over 200 new units, hundreds of scripted events, new battlemaps, and a whole lot more.

How do you install broken crescent on steam?

Directly from the Creative Assembly:

  1. Install your mod in \Steam\SteamApps\common\Medieval II Total War\mods\ (example: Add a folder called “brokencrescent” in the mods folder and install Broken Crescent there).
  2. DO NOT rename any Kingdoms campaign folders.

How do you install mods for Medieval 2?

Method 1: Making your own “kingdoms.exe”

  • Method 2: Nerd Strategy
  • Method 3: Trickery Strategy
  • What are the cheats for Medieval Total War 2?

    Medieval II Cheats. By wx_dark_wolf. Always select the character you want to apply the trait or ancillary to. Use ~ to open the command console. Remember that each character can have a limited amount of ancillaries but an unlimited amount of traits. means that it is changeable and when you do, remove the <>.

    Is medieval 2 Total War better than Rome Total War?

    Rome’s wasn’t horrible, but Medieval 2 definitely was superior in this facet. Troop Recruitment and Management: Medieval 2, easily. Armies function the same way, but Medieval 2 has a much better recruitment system. In Rome, once you built a higher tier unit, there was little reason to build the lower tier one.

    How do you get guilds in Medieval Total War 2?

    Other Stuff. Don’t sell it,other than that I don’t care.

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  • Guild Triggers. Guilds work on an point system.
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