What lenders are CDFI?

Here’s a list of Community Development Financial Institutions CDFIs in California.

  • Camino Financial (Best PPP Lender)
  • Bankers Small Business CDC of California.
  • California Farmlink.
  • Opportunity Fund.
  • Colorado Enterprise Fund.
  • Black Business Investment Fund.
  • Alternatives Federal Credit Union.
  • Ascendus.

How can I find a CDFI?

Where you can find your local CDFIs. You can find CDFIs through the Opportunity Finance Network, SCORE, or SBA Small Business Development Centers. Click on this link for the CDFI Locator provided by Opportunity Finance Network to find the CDFIs that support your local community.

Who is the largest CDFI?

Founded in 1984, Boston Community Capital (BCC) is one of the most innovative and successful community development financial institutions in the nation. To date, it has lent more than $1 billion and leveraged $6 billion in additional investment.

How many CDFIs are there in the US?

There are over 950 CDFIs certified by the CDFI Fund. CDFIs operate in every state and the District of Columbia, serving both rural and urban communities.

What do CDFIs do?

Community development financial institutions (CDFIs) are private financial institutions that are 100% dedicated to delivering responsible, affordable lending to help low-income, low-wealth, and other disadvantaged people and communities join the economic mainstream. CDFIs are profitable but not profit-maximizing.

Are all CDFIs nonprofits?

CDFIs are more diverse that you think The default image of a CDFI is a nonprofit, unregulated loan fund. In fact, half of the 1,100 certified CDFIs are not nonprofit, unregulated loan funds. Almost 30% are credit unions and about 20% are for-profit banks, bank holding companies, or venture capital funds.

How long have CDFIs been around?

Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) are funding options that have been around since the 1990s but continue to grow in popularity because they offer funding for organizations in less-advantaged communities.

Can a bank own a CDFI?

A bank can invest in a certified CDFI through the OCC’s public welfare investment authority for national banks and through the general lending and investment authorities and community development- related investment authorities for federal savings associations.

Who invests CDFIs?

CDFIs receive most of their funding from three sources: banks, the federal government, and institutional investors. Despite their varied funding sources, the demand for capital still outweighs the supply. This is where individual investors like you can come in.

How does a CDFI make money?

CDFIs receive money to lend from a number of sources, including the federal government, state and local governments, religious institutions, foundations and individuals. Some CDFIs also help individuals purchase homes.