What supplies do you need to be a groomer?

8 Professional Dog Grooming Supplies You Need In Your Grooming Shop

  • A Grooming Table.
  • A Bathing Station.
  • Shampoo and Conditioner.
  • Ear and Eye Cleaning Kit.
  • Brushes and Combs.
  • Grooming Shears.
  • A Stripping Knife.
  • Dental Supplies.

How much do you earn as a self-employed dog groomer UK?

According to the National Careers Service website, dog groomers make between £13,000 to £20,000 per annum. However, self-employed dog groomers can make more money since they have the freedom to set their prices. The current market rate in the UK is £20-30 per individual treatment.

How much do groomers make UK?

As a starting salary, dog groomers typically earn £13,000, and with experience this can rise to £20,000 (National Careers Service). The good thing is, once you’re a self-employed dog groomer you can set your own prices. In the UK, dog groomers typically charge £20-30 for each treatment. But prices can be up to £80.

What is a stripping knife?

Stripping knives are used for dogs with wiry coats – like many terriers and help to tidy up their appearance so as to achieve their breed “look”. Remove any knots or matts by grooming through the coat first.

What dog brush do groomers use?

A square or rectangular slicker brush, featuring multiple rows of small metal pins, offers a great grooming option for many canine coats, notes grooming expert Linda Erickson. You can easily maneuver this short-pinned brush close to your dog’s skin, helping to distribute natural oils through his coat.

Can you work from home as a dog groomer?

Dog Grooming at Home Pros: You can choose when you work. It is a fairly straight forward route into independent business. You require a smaller range of equipment because you only have a small space to manage. The dog becomes familiar with their groomer because it is generally just yourself.

Do groomers put perfume on dogs?

Once his coat is dry and pristine, your groomer probably will spray him with a few squirts of cologne or perfume. Often you can request a specific scent, such as baby powder, lavender or even a mock designer fragrance. These perfumes are specifically designed to be used on canines; they’re not human fragrances.

What equipment do I need to groom my Dog?

We have a vast selection of dog grooming equipment to choose from, such as dog clippers, dog grooming tables, dog shampoo and some of the best dog grooming kits around. Dog grooming doesn’t only help your pooch look great- it is fantastic for animal wellbeing, helping them feel their happiest, healthiest best.

Why choose premium dog grooming products?

Our select range of premium grooming products are of the highest quality and are well renowned for their reliability, durability and performance. We are consistently searching and striving to bring you the best dog grooming products from around the world.

How long have we been delivering to dog groomers in the UK?

We’ve been delivering the best tools, equipment and supplies to the UK’s top dog groomers for over 50 years! We are always happy to answer your questions, so if you need any advice or more information on a particular product then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Who are Redcape groomers?

We welcome feedback on all aspects of your shopping experience with us. Redcape are manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of premium quality grooming products for professional dog groomers, dog handlers, show kennels and dog lovers…