What was Amos personality?

From his book, Amos emerges as a thoughtful, probably well-traveled man of fierce integrity, who possessed a poet’s gift for homely but forceful imagery and rhythmic language.

What is wrong with Amos from The Expanse?

So it’s almost certain that Amos grew up suffering neglect, physical and sexual abuse until he was able to escape Earth, which is why he is noticeably different in his emotional responses to violence and danger to the rest of the Rocinante crew.

Is Amos on The Expanse autistic?

Additionally, a fascinating blog post from almostdefinitelydying argues that The Expanse’s Amos is actually autistic. Certainly, his keen strategic sense, methodical way of thinking (he’s an expert engineer) and difficulty in social situations fit far better with this diagnosis than that of a sociopath.

What’s wrong with Amos Burton?

Many forums seem to indicate that many agree Amos Burton, mechanic of the frigate spaceship Rocinante, is indeed a sociopath. Some believe his actions are a result of a tragic childhood, while others view Amos as a sociopath… So.

What is the definition of Amos?

Jewish: from the Hebrew personal name Amos, of uncertain origin, in some traditions connected with the Hebrew verb amos ‘to carry’, and assigned the meaning ‘borne by God’. This was the name of a Biblical prophet of the 8th century bc, whose oracles are recorded in the Book of Amos.

Who is the woman with Amos on The Expanse?

Amos tends to Clarissa. Clarissa is instrumental in the interception of encrypted transmissions and later the sabotage of the sensor arrays that allows escape. She uses her implants one last time when they are betrayed by a turncoat from the Voltaire Collective, Jordao.

Who is the girl with Amos in The Expanse?

Through a series of flashbacks in “Intransigence”, the true identity of Melba Koh is revealed as Clarissa Mao.

Is Amos a zombie?

As far as I understand (and I understand very little), Amos is still a human. But a perfect human, without the limitations/engineering tricks imposed by mother nature. Basically, the drones found his body, but instead of simply repairing it, they improved everything that could be improved.

Was Amos abused?

While initially, it appeared he may have been some sort of muscle or an errand boy for criminal activities, “Churn” confirmed what had been hinted for some time: that Amos was exploited as a child and forced to be a prostitute.

What is the message in the Book of Amos?

The central idea of the book of Amos is that God puts his people on the same level as the surrounding nations – God expects the same purity of them all.

What does Amos look like in the book?

Amos is a tall, stocky, pale-skinned man with receding red-brown hair. He is a calm person, described as “amiable”, but has no qualms about violence. Following his resurrection, Amos’ skin turns an odd shade of gray, while his eyes are completely black, with no iris or sclera.

What kind of person is Amos?

Amos is a tall, stocky, pale-skinned man with receding red-brown hair. He is a calm person, described as “amiable”, but has no qualms about violence.

Is the expanse based on a true story?

The Expanse is an American science fiction television series developed by Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby, based on the series of novels of the same name by James S. A. Corey. The series is set in a future where humanity has colonized the Solar System.

What happens to Amos in the Big Empty?

In ” The Big Empty “, with oxygen dwindling, Amos and the surviving crew of the Canterbury struggle to stay alive in their shuttle.