What YouTuber has the most subscribers top 20?

T-Series. Subscribers – 166M.

  • Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (PewDiePie) Subscribers – 102M.
  • Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes. Subscribers – 101M.
  • SET India. Subscribers – 92M.
  • WWE. Subscribers – 71.5M.
  • 5-Minute Crafts. Subscribers – 70.3m.
  • Zee Music Company. Subscribers – 66.7m.
  • Like Nastya. Subscribers – 66.4M.
  • Who has the most subscribers on YouTube 2020 Top 20?

    Which YouTubers had the Most Subscribers Going into 2020

    1. PewDiePie – 102 Million Subscribers.
    2. Dude Perfect – 47 Million Subscribers.
    3. HolaSoyGerman – 40 Million Subscribers.
    4. Whindersson Nunes – 37.6 Million Subscribers.
    5. elrubiusOMG – 36.2 Million Subscribers.
    6. Kids Diana Show – 35.4 Million Subscribers.

    Who is the top 20 YouTuber?

    The Most Popular YouTubers of 2021

    • PewDiePie. 110M subscribers.
    • ✿ Kids Diana Show. 81.4M subscribers.
    • Like Nastya. 75.6M subscribers.
    • Vlad and Niki. 70.1M subscribers.
    • MrBeast. 65.2M subscribers.
    • HolaSoyGerman/JuegaGerman. 43.9M subscribers.
    • Whinderssonnunes. 42.7M subscribers.
    • Felipe Neto. 42.6M subscribers.

    Who has the 2nd most subscribers on YouTube?

    Most-subscribed channels

    Rank Channel Subscribers (millions)
    1 T-Series 206
    2 Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes 128
    3 SET India 126
    4 PewDiePie 111

    Who are the most subscribed YouTubers?

    Now, let’s check the list of the most subscribed YouTubers. Felix Kjellberg, known as PewDiePie, is a Swedish gamer and YouTuber with one of the most subscribed YouTube channels. He started his YouTube channel in 2010, posting gameplay videos. Three years later, in 2013, his channel became the most subscribed YouTube channel.

    What is pink’s biggest selling non-top 10 song?

    Raise Your Glass, which led Pink’s 2010 greatest hits collection, is her biggest selling non-Top 10. It’s sold 440,000 copies despite reaching only Number 13 – thanks in part, no doubt, to the song featuring on the second series of Glee in 2011. 9.6 million streams lift it to be her fourth biggest tune.

    What was the top song on Pink’s Countdown?

    It’s perhaps fitting that the top song on Pink’s countdown never actually made it to the top of the Official Singles Chart – although it had a good go. Just Give Me A Reason, which featured fun. lead singer Nate Ruess, spent 11 weeks inside the Top 10, two of which at Number 2.

    Is Pink’s So what the third biggest UK hit?

    The defiant So What, a Number 1 in 2008, Pink’s most recent Number 1 – but we’re sure another is on its way. 634,000 sales and a mighty 53.7 million streams help So What rank as her third biggest UK hit.