When did Young K join JYP?

Young K
Years active 2015–present
Labels JYP
Associated acts Day6 JYP Nation Ben&Ben
Korean name

What is Young K nationality?

South Korean
Young K/Nationality

How long did Young K live in Canada?

Young K Facts: – He lived in Canada for four years. – His dream initially wasn’t to become a singer but a basketball player. – Back in high school, under the name Brian Kang, he was part of a musical trio called ‘3rd Degree’.

Where is DAY6 Young K from?

Seoul, South Korea
Young K/Place of birth

How old is Dowoon DAY6?

26 years (August 25, 1995)

Is DAY6 disbanded?

On January 1, 2022, JYP Entertainment announced that member Jae of their boy band DAY6 will no longer be a part of the group as they have decided to end their contract with him. We promise to continue with our full support and efforts for DAY6’s activities and ask for continued love and support from MyDays. Thank You.”

Does Jae Day6 have to enlist?

Dowoon will the third Day6 member to start his compulsory military service, following vocalist Sungjin, who began in March and bassist Young K, who enlisted in October this year. Guitarist Jae is not a South Korean citizen, making Wonpil the final member of the band who has yet to enlist.

How did Dowoon join JYP?

He auditioned to JYPE in April 2015 when it was having an audition by the company to form a band. He originally passed the auditions to join 5LIVE together with another practitioner who was practicing together with him but due to personal circumstances he withdrew, but later auditioned again.

Why does Dowoon have no lines?

He just doesn’t have the same range and ability as them (yet) to sing in the forefront. And more importantly, he doesn’t want to sing that actively. There’s also the technical difficulty of drumming and singing at the same time.