When do you need to calibrate equipment?

Equipment used infrequently, such that the manufacturers’ recommendations cannot be followed, shall have calibration verified prior to use. Prior to being used in testing, new equipment (or any piece of equipment which leaves the control of the Laboratory) shall undergo calibration procedures or performance verification.

What is the calibration and maintenance procedure for monitoring instruments?

This Procedure outlines the basic requirements for the calibration and maintenance of monitoring instruments based primarily on standard monitoring methods. Monitoring agencies should develop their own detailed calibration and maintenance programs appropriate to their data quality assurance goals. 1. SCOPE

What are calibration beams and weights?

products Norbar’s Calibration Beams and Weights are designed for the static calibration of Torque Transducers. These beams can be used to calibrate torque transducers and mechanical test devices. UKAS length certification is provided with each beam.

What is the purpose of the laboratory equipment calibration procedure?

This procedure applies to the laboratory equipment used by the Laboratory of XXX. 2. PURPOSE This procedure specifies the schedule and requirements for calibration, performance verification, and maintenance of Laboratory testing instruments and equipment. 3. REFERENCE DOCUMENTS 4. TERMS & DEFINITIONS

What should be included in the calibration Records?

These records shall include: the identity of the item of equipment and software. Name of manufacturer. Serial number or unique identifier. Date of calibration. Current location. Manufacturer’s instructions or a reference to location. The reference standard certified reference material or reference material used for calibration.