When I have to face my problems I show up?

Because, at least as a rich man, when I have to face my problems, I show up in the back of the limo, wearing a $2000 suit and a $40,000 gold fuckin’ watch.

Does Daddy get a kiss from both of his girls?

Does daddy get a kiss from both of his little girls, huh? Naomi Lapaglia : Oh no. No, daddy doesn’t even get to touch mommy for a very, very, very long time.

Was Stratton Oakmont a real company?

Stratton Oakmont, Inc. was a Long Island, New York, “over-the-counter” brokerage house founded in 1989 by Jordan Belfort and Danny Porush. It defrauded many shareholders, leading to the arrest and incarceration of several executives and the closing of the firm in 1996.

What problems should be solved?

Top Problems that can be Solved

  • Armed Conflict.
  • Chronic Disease.
  • Education.
  • Infectious Disease.
  • Population Growth.
  • Biodiversity.
  • Climate Change.
  • Hunger and Malnutrition.

Is The Wolf of Wall Street based on a true story?

Believe it or not, “The Wolf of Wall Street” is based on a true story. Specifically, it’s based on a memoir of the same name by Jordan Belfort, the main character of the film as well. After getting out of prison for assorted instances of fraud and other malfeasance, Belfort wrote his book.

Can money solve all of your problems?

Money is social credits; it’s the ability to have credits and debits of other people’s time. Money is not going to solve all of your problems; but it’s going to solve all of your money problems. Understand that ethical wealth creation is possible. If you secretly despise wealth, it will elude you.

Should ‘how to get rich’ have been called “how to create wealth”?

According to Naval, the tweetstorm should have been called “How to Create Wealth,” but “How to Get Rich” was a more catchy title. All content is from Naval Ravikant unless otherwise stated. In most cases, I’ve paraphrased multiple similar quotes to condense them.

How do I become rich in a lifetime?

A long lifetime of learning, reading, and creating is going to compound. Consistently create wealth by creating businesses, including opportunities and creating investments. You have to enjoy it and keep doing it and doing it and doing it. On a long enough timescale, you will get paid.

Why can’t I create wealth through work?

You’re probably not going to create wealth through work. There are many reasons for that, but the most basic is because your inputs are very closely tied to your outputs. You can’t earn non-linearly. You’re not going to get rich renting out your time.