When was the Gatesville HEB built?

#TBT to the Grand Opening of the #HEB Gatesville store on May 15th, 1969. The 17,940 sq ft “gleaming new mart” was complete with wider aisles, modern displays and a variety of housewares, health and beauty aids!

Does Colorado have a HEB?

These States and Territories do not have any H-E-B locations – Idaho, New Hampshire, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Missouri, Alaska, Massachusetts, Virginia, Kentucky, South Dakota, Tennessee, Nevada, Ohio, Arkansas, Vermont, Alabama, Nebraska, Michigan, Utah, Louisiana, North Carolina, Iowa, Illinois, Mississippi, Florida.

Can you shop HEB online?

Order groceries online to go! Download the My H‑E‑B App and enjoy the convenience of curbside pickup or home delivery anytime, anywhere. After placing your order online, locate the parking spots designated for curbside pickup at your H‑E‑B store at your selected time.

How do I cancel my order at HEB?

Modifications or cancellations can be made via the order review page or by calling the store you ordered from or selected for pick-up.

Are H-E-B only in Texas?

Today H-E-B serves families all over Texas and Mexico in 155 communities, with more than 340 stores and over 100,000 employees. Our commitment to excellence has made us one of the nation’s largest independently owned food retailers.

Can you use food stamps card for H-E-B curbside?

H-E-B is now accepting SNAP EBT payments for H-E-B Curbside and Home Delivery orders directly on the My H-E-B mobile app and heb.com. At all H-E-B Curbside and Home Delivery locations, customers can now use SNAP EBT to digitally pay for their orders for pick up at the store or delivery to their homes.

How do I contact H-E-B?

1 (800) 432-3113
H-E-B/Customer service

Do you tip curbside H-E-B?

No gratuity is included in the price and there is no need to tip our Partners for Curbside. This is a service we are happy to provide! For Home Delivery, there will be an option to tip the driver during checkout.