Who is Millind Gaba wife?

Am getting married to my GF Pria: Millind Gaba on his January 2022 wedding in Delhi. Singer, songwriter and music producer Millind Gaba is gearing up for a new role. He is set to marry girlfriend Pria Beniwal in January 2022.

What is the real name of Millind Gaba?

Millind Gaba Biography

Real Name Millind Gaba
Mother Name Sangeeta Gaba
Siblings Pallavi Gaba (Sister)
Occupation(s) Singer, Actor, Lyricist, Rapper
Year Active 2014- Present

Who is Millind Gaba father?

Jeetu Gaba
Millind Gaba/Fathers

Who is Millind Gaba brother?

Raja Gaba
Millind Gaba/Brothers

What is the age of Millind Gaba?

31 years (December 7, 1990)
Millind Gaba/Age

Is GABA A Millind Punjabi?

Millind Gaba was born into a Punjabi Family in Delhi.

When did Millind Gaba marry?

Singer Millind Gaba will tie the knot with his girlfriend Pria Beniwal in January 2022.

Which is the first song of Millind Gaba?

Millind Gaba made his singing debut in 2014 with the Punjabi song “4 Men Down” which earned him a lot of popularity. Subsequently, he released Punjabi hit songs like “Daaru party,” “Aise Na Dekh,” “Nazar Lag Jayegi,” “Main Teri Ho Gayi,” “Zara Paas Aao,” and “She Don’t Know.”

What is the relation between Millind Gaba and Pallavi GABA?

Milling Gaba belongs to a Hindu Khatri Family. His father, Jatinder Gaba, is a renowned Punjabi music director. His mother’s name is Sangeeta Gaba. Millind Gaba has one sister, Pallavi Gaba.

How many songs does Millind Gaba have?


Song Movie Co-singer
“Kya Karu” (single) Kya Karu Parampara Thakur, Millind Gaba
“Nachunga Aise Song (single)” Single Solo
“Main Tera Ho Gaya Song (single)” Single Solo
Sohnea 1 & 2 Title Track : S01 Broken But Beautiful Miss Pooja, Milind Gaba

What is the age of Millind GABA?

What is the first song of Millind GABA?

How old is Millind Gaba?

Millind Gaba was born on 7 December 1990 (age 28 years; as in 2018) in Delhi. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius. He attended Delhi’s Veda Vyasa D.A.V Public School. Gaba was an average student in his school days. He has spent his childhood playing Casios and Pianos. After completing his graduation, Millind learned music to make a career in it.

How did Milind GABA start his music career?

In terms of career, Milind Gaba started his career in 2013 when he got a chance to work in the movie Stupid 7. This was a Punjabi movie and it received an average response from the public. In the later years, he decided to enter the music industry and the first song he sang was 4Men Down.

What is the name of Millind Gaba’s mother’s name?

Sangeeta Gaba is his mother’s name. Pallavi Gaba is Millind Gaba’s only sibling. Millind attended Ved Vyasa D.A.V. Public School and graduated with honours.

What is the source of income for Milind GABA?

The main source of income for Milind Gaba is the fee he receives for his contribution in the entertainment industry. The real name of this talented personality is Milind Gaba. Milind Gaba has an average height as he is 5 feet and 6 inches tall. In addition to this, he weighs about 70 Kgs.