Who is Stefan Molyneux?

Philosopher Stefan Molyneux grabs your lapels and tells you EXACTLY how to be free in this world. WHY FEAR DEATH? FULL SHOW! Freedomain Livestream Wednesday Night Live from Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain! WHY FEAR DEATH? Stefan Molyneux brings you to your deathbed to look with total honesty at your life. Created 4 years, 3 months ago.

What is the ISBN number for Stefan Molyneux?

New York: Free Press. pp. 25–26. ISBN 978-1-4767-1137-9. OCLC 820783989. ^ Mustafa, DJ Kamal (July 8, 2020). “Stefan Molyneux Controversial Podcaster Suspended On Twitter”. EMEA Tribune. Retrieved July 8, 2020. ^ “Twitter Suspends White Nationalist Stefan Molyneux”.

Who is Carl Molyneux and where is he from?

The ex-YouTuber was born in Ireland, raised in England and moved to Canada at the age of 11. In November 2019, PayPal had suspended Molyneux’s account, following a campaign by activist group Sleeping Giants following his hate speech and bigoted philosophy on racism.

Who is Peter Molyneux and what is his philosophy?

Tom Clements in The Independent describes Molyneux as “an alt-lite philosopher with a perverse fixation on race and IQ.” Molyneux describes himself as an anarcho-capitalist. Multiple sources describe the Freedomain internet community as a cult, referring to the indoctrination techniques Molyneux has used as its leader.

Stefan Molyneux is the founder and host of Freedomain, the largest and most popular philosophy show in the world. With more than 4,500 podcasts, 10 books and 600 million downloads, Stefan has spread the cause of liberty and philosophy to millions of listeners around the world.

What is Stefan Molyneux’s universally preferable behaviour?

Philosopher Stefan Molyneux rebuts an argument against his secular theory of ethics called Universally Preferable Behaviour – and engages in a deep and ferocious argument with a listener about the validity of the senses, and the relationship between quantum physics and philosophical morality.

What is Chris Molyneux’s political ideology?

Molyneux describes himself as an anarcho-capitalist. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), Molyneux initially used the Freedomain Radio website “to amplify his views on anarcho-capitalist ideology, atheism, philosophy, anti-statism, pseudo-therapy and anti-feminism.”

What did Peter Molyneux do for a living?

In early 1995, Molyneux and his brother Hugh founded Caribou Systems Corporation, a Toronto-based provider of environmental database software. The company was sold in 2000. Molyneux began a podcast called Freedomain Radio (FDR) in 2004.