Who owns Southern Exposure Seed?

Dr Jeff McCormack
2. Ira, some people know you about your work through your involvement in the literally groundbreaking Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. Tell us more about your history and role there. Southern Exposure Seed Exchange was founded by Dr Jeff McCormack and his wife Patty.

Where is the Southern Exposure Seed Exchange located?

central Virginia
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange is located in the rolling hills of central Virginia, between Richmond and Charlottesville, not far from Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.

What is a seed exchange network?

We’re a community of gardeners and seed stewards, sharing. and swapping rare seeds you might not find anywhere else. The Exchange works to keep biodiversity. strong and garden traditions thriving.

Why is a southern exposure good?

Southern exposures: Southern light provides warm, ambient light throughout the day and generally feels sunny and comfortable. Most living spaces are ideal for southern exposure, as it brings in the most light and does not vary much over the course of the day.

Where is Victory Seeds located?

In fact, the Victory Seed Company in Molalla, Oregon is one of two CNG seed companies in the whole country!

Why is southern exposure important?

Southern exposure is also important to landscaping and land conservation. It impacts the native plant life that will survive in a given area by affecting the optimal landscaping compositions, gardening patterns, and seasonal growth of flora.

Is seeds now owned by Monsanto?

And home gardens, no matter which of the many seed catalogs gardeners purchased their seed from, were full of Seminis product. Now Monsanto controls — and profits from — all of them. In 2005, the company was sold to Monsanto making it the largest seed company in the world.

Is Northern or Southern Exposure better?

What exposure is best? East-facing is best for morning light, western exposure is best for afternoon light, southern exposure is best for strong light throughout the day, and northern exposure is best for soft lighting all day.