Who was guid Guigo?

Guigo was a Carthusian monk in the 12th Century (1140-1193) who elaborated on St. Benedict’s practice of Lectio Divina from the 6th Century. The Carthusians were a contemplative, ascetic religious order of monks founded in the early 12th century.

Who was Guigo of Saint-Romain?

Guigo I also known as Guigues du Chastel, Guigo de Castro and Guigo of Saint-Romain, was a Carthusian monk and the 5th prior of Grande Chartreuse monastery in the 12th century.

What is the difference between Guigo I and Guigo II?

Guigo I is distinct from Guigo II, the 9th prior of the same monastery. (See Carthusian spirituality pages xvi-xvii.) ^ McGinn (1994) pp355-8.

Is Guigo II’s meditations still relevant today?

It is still a basic guide for those who wish to practice lectio divina . Guigo II also wrote twelve Meditations, which were clearly less widely known as they survive in only a few manuscripts. From internal evidence, it appears they may have been written before the Scala Claustralium.