Who won all the battle at the Berrics?

In 2017, we marked our 10th anniversary milestone with BATB X. Chris Joslin was the winner, with Sewa Kroetkov placing second, Shane O’Neill in third, and Nick Tucker in fourth.

What happened to the old berrics?

The Berrics was the first skate category for the LJG, as the company had previously only worked with surf and moto brands. However, as of November 2013, the Berrics is no longer featured on the LJG website as a licensed brand.

How much is the Berrics worth?

The Berrics will contribute its approximate $2.5M in assets, $1M in liabilities and a board seat.

How big is The Berrics skatepark?

12,000 square feet
Inside The Berrics awaits a skateboarding Shangri-La. Measuring nearly 12,000 square feet, the main floor is lined along the sides with rails, benches and halfpipes, all eager to be ridden. In the far right corner resides a skate park more or less the size of what you’d see at the X Games.

Do you have to be invited to the Berrics?

If you want to skate there, you’ll need to be invited. If you’re invited, you have to film. It’s thanks to this rule they have a steady stream of quality content showcasing some of the best skaters from around the world.

What’s new in battle at the Berrics 12?

Battle at the Berrics 12 was announced on June 14th, 2021 and for the first time will double the size of the bracket from 32 skaters, to 64. The theme includes 4 segments. Pros – Joes – Influences – Icons.

What is the Berrics?

The Berrics is a private indoor skatepark owned by professional skateboarders Steve Berra and Eric Koston. It is also a website providing content filmed in the skatepark, as well other skateboard-related media.

What happened to the Berrics?

On December 8, 2012, The Berrics was relaunched and the “RIP” page was replaced by a page featuring helmet camera footage from professional skateboarder, Chad Muska, who reveals that he is inside a new Berrics facility—beneath the video frame was a button that read “Enter The New Berrics”.

Who are the members of the Berrics?

Upon entering the new website, the producers of The Berrics revealed that a new facility had been built and a video segment was featured, in which Koston introduces the new Berrics with the assistance of other skateboarders, such as Shane O’Neill, Ronnie Creager, Derrick Wilson, Danny Montoya, Josh Murphy, Marquise Henry, and Clint Peterson.