Why are hand dryers not good?

The use of high-speed hand dryers can transfer germs to a person’s clothing and lead to an increase in spreading those contaminants to other surfaces, according to the pilot study published Wednesday in “Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology.”

How efficient are hand dryers?

According to World Dryer, automatic hand dryers cost about 7 cents per 200 uses with heat and only 4 cents per 200 uses without heat. The better the dryer design, the faster hands are dried. Dry time impacts energy consumption as well as overall bathroom efficiency.

How much electricity does a hand dryer use?

A conventional hand dryer consumes about 160 kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity per month. At a cost of $0.094 per kWh the cost for using a conventional hand dryer 175 times a day averages out to about $15 per month, a savings of $105 per month over paper towels.

Are hand dryers more sanitary than paper towels?

The hygienic efficacy of hand drying includes drying efficiency, the effective removal of bacteria, and the prevention of cross-contamination. From a hygiene viewpoint, paper towels are superior to electric air dryers.

Are hand dryers actually full of bacteria?

Those Hand Dryers in Public Restrooms Are Actually ‘Bacteria Bombs’ Researchers say hot-air dryers blow all sorts of germs back onto your hands. The bacteria aren’t necessarily dangerous, but paper towels are a better way to dry off.

How hygienic are hand dryers?

Standard hand dryers — those that simply blow warm air — spread far fewer particles, but still 60 times as many as a paper towel. One of the few independently funded studies on the subject, published by the Mayo Clinic in 2000, found no statistically significant hygienic difference between dryers and paper towels.

Do hand dryers save money?

Most hand dryers use roughly 0.03 kwh (kilo-watt hour) of electricity per use. With the average cost of $. 10 per kwh, you would be spending about $14.58 a month. Using a hand dryer is one of the best ways to save money for your business.

How much energy does a hand dryer use?

What is the most hygienic way to dry your hands?

The most hygienic way to dry is with paper or cloth towels, Wahrman said. “Research studies show that drying with paper towels or cloth towels removes even more germs than washing alone, as the friction of drying reduces the germ count even further,” she said.