Will 450r A-arms fit 400ex?

Will 450ra arms fit on a 400ex? No, they are too wide at the mounts.

How much HP is a 400ex?

BTW-A stock 400ex puts out between 25-28hp.

What’s the best gearing for a 400ex?

15/36 is more top end than 15/38. for more top end you go up in front and down in back. I have mine geared with 36 in the rear and 14 in the front, but if you want more top speed and more mid range speed, i would sudgest (15/36)!!!!! or you can do 15/38 for more top speed than anything.

How fast does a stock 400ex go?

A stock 400ex should run around 106 – 112 Km/h. It might take a stocker a little while to get there, but that’s about what they run.

How fast is a yfz450r?

Your quad should do 70-72ish around 9500 rpm according to my tests and the online gearing/speed calculator.

How many gallons does a 400ex hold?

2004 Honda Sportrax 400EX Specifications

Dry Weight (lbs/kg) 375 / 170.1
Fuel Capacity (gal/l) 2.6 / 9.8
Fuel Capacity Reserve (gal/l) 0.4 / 1.5
Engine Displacement to Weight (cc) 1.06