Are Marex boats any good?

Build quality is excellent, including fittings and fixtures. The boat is stylish and packed with clever design features, but nothing is gimmicky, superfluous or flash. Inside and out, the Marex 375 comes across as an elegant, nicely-integrated design.

Where are Marex boats made?

Marex operates two factory facilities, one in Arendal, Norway and the other in Kaunas, Lithuania with the total production area being 13 000 sq. metres. Marex is known all over Europe for its quality, longevity and durability.

What is an aft cabin cruiser?

Aft cabin motor yachts have a layout where the cabins are located behind the cockpit, providing additional privacy for owners and their guests. There tends to be less deck space and more cabin space, making this style power cruiser ideal for overnight cruising and liveaboards.

Can you ski behind a cabin cruiser?

In general, it’s possible to ski behind almost any boat that can plane. Skiing on two skis requires relatively low speed e.g. 25 mph, so that’s all you need from a boat.

Is aft front or back?

For instance, the front of a cruise ship is known as the forward, while the rear of a ship is called the aft.

Why is it called the aft deck?

The aft – Also known as the afterdeck – is at the rear of the boat, also called the stern. In sailing ships it often forms the roof of a cabin in the stern. A flybridge refers to an open bridge deck from which the vessel can be fully controlled while providing all round, open air visibility.

How much does a cabin cruiser weigh?

Here’s How Much Boats Weigh on Average

Type of Boat Average Weight
Aluminum Fishing Boats 300 – 500 pounds
Bow Rider 3,000 – 3,500 pounds
Cabin Cruiser 12,000 – 16,000 pounds
Cuddy Cabin 3,000 – 5,000 pounds

What is Marex 370 aft cabin cruiser?

This makes Marex 370 Aft Cabin Cruiser the most talked about and award winning boat ever and Europe’s most publicised boat in 2009-2011. Marex got international attention by being named European Champion in the class up to 40 feet. The award was given out on the world’s largest boat shows, Düsseldorf International Boat show in Germany.

What kind of boat is a Marex 373?

The 373 is a boat for a large family. It has timeless classical lines and includes a large aft cabin. The boat is driven by a single engine with a straight shaft – It is easy to move around in the 37 foot boat due to the lowered side decks and the easy passage to bathing platform. Marex has given the boat a “little ship” character and appearance.

Is the 320 aft cabin cruiser the same as the 370 ACC?

Marex 320 Aft Cabin Cruiser has many of the same solutions as the successful multi award winning Marex 370 Aft Cabin Cruiser. The 320 Aft Cabin Cruiser is a scaled down 370 ACC, in both style and layout.

How does a Marex boat look?

Marex has given the boat a “little ship” character and appearance. In the very spacious aft cabin that provides standing height you will find a single and a double bed. The aft cabin has a panoramic view through the window that goes all around the aft structure. The fore cabins has a double bed and in addition a single bed is placed amidships.