Can I use my BT Mobile plan abroad?

All our phone and SIM plans include data roaming in 47 destinations worldwide. So you can use your plan abroad without worrying about extra charges when you get home.

Can you use BT Mobile in Europe?

Roaming in Europe Roam Like Home is available to all BT Mobile customers at no extra cost. It lets you to use your minutes, texts and data allowances within our Roam Like Home zones without paying extra roaming charges.

Can I use BT Mobile in Turkey?

@marmaris87 Yes your BT mobile will work in Turkey but it’s not classed as an EU zone. Check out page 104 on the Tariff Guide for the cost of using your phone abroad. Turkey is in roaming Zone 3.

What countries does roam like home cover?

Countries with Roam like Home: Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, French Guiana, Galapagos Islands, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela. Use your plan’s minutes, text & data.

How can I use my mobile abroad?

Quick tips to use your mobile abroad for less

  1. Play it safe and turn roaming off.
  2. Use Wi-Fi wherever possible – plus use free apps to ‘call home’
  3. Get ‘beach mobile ready’ – download music, films & boarding passes before you go.
  4. If you need to connect, check how much your destination costs BEFORE you travel.

Can you use data out of the country?

If your carrier is T-Mobile, Sprint, or Google Project Fi, you’re covered with some kind of unlimited data in most countries around the world. If you have AT or Verizon (PDF), make sure roaming and mobile data are turned off. The pay-per-use international roaming rates for both companies are exorbitant.

How much does BT charge for international calls?

International call charges

Standard BT international rate Friends & Family International
Landlines 62.70p/min 6.27p/min
Mobiles 62.70p/min 6.27p/min

What is roam like home with BT Mobile?

Roam Like Home lets you use your mobile abroad in 47 destinations without paying extra roaming charges. Instead when you’re roaming in our Roam Like Home zones you can use your mobile plan allowance to use data, make calls and send texts back to the UK and to the 47 destinations.

How do I avoid roaming charges when abroad?

Here are some tips on how to avoid big charges.

  1. Tip 1: Turn Off Data Roaming. Go to Settings then select General / Network.
  2. Tip 2: Use Wi-Fi. You can connect your iPhone using a local Wi-Fi connection.
  3. Tip 3: Using your email. Most emails are actually use a very small amount of data.
  4. Tip 4: Get a data bundle.

Will I be charged for using my phone abroad?

Since 31 December 2020, the EU rules on roaming charges no longer apply in the UK. This means that, like other destinations, the amount your mobile provider can charge you for using your mobile phone in EU countries, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein is no longer capped.

How do I know if my phone works abroad?

Check your IMEI Simply dial *#06# on your phone and the IMEI will be displayed on the screen. Go to one of the websites and enter your IMEI. This is usually a paid-service and may cost $2 to $3. That’s much better than arriving in another country only to discover you can’t use your phone!

How can I use my phone abroad without being charged?

Even if you decide to get a local SIM card, these tips will help you out by saving data abroad.

  1. Turn off roaming. This stops cellular data use so you won’t be paying extra for a plan you don’t have.
  2. Stop apps from sucking your data in the background.
  3. Turn off automatic downloads.
  4. Track cellular usage.

Can I use BT Mobile when roaming abroad?

BT Mobile should give you all you need to roam abroad. You might have read about something called local breakout (known as LBO) that lets you take your data services (but not texts or voice calls) from another provider when you’re roaming in an EU country. At this point we don’t know of any local breakout providers working with BT Mobile.

Is it possible to make international calls without data roaming?

Yes, with a few exceptions. There are also some countries where you’ll be able to make calls but not use data roaming. With some international networks, you may have to switch to 3G to get data services.

Do I need a UK country code when abroad?

Once you’re abroad, your phone should work as normal so there’s no need to use a UK country code to call home. To get the best possible network coverage, please make sure your handset can automatically select a network.