How do I start the Citadel Aria T LOAK?

Walkthrough. Travel to the Citadel and select Dock 42 when docking. Shepard will meet with Bray, one of Aria’s batarian guards, then board an aircar with Aria and discuss her plan to retake Omega from Cerberus. Afterward, Shepard will be automatically be returned to the Normandy SR-2 to begin the next mission.

Can you romance aria Tloak?

While Nyreen is “an absolute no”, Aria is “more ambiguous”. You can’t romance her, but depending on the choices you make during the DLC your relationship at the end could be one extreme or the other. Neither can you bring Aria and Nyreen into the main game once your work on Omega is done.

When should I do Aria missions in me3?

To start the Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC, Shepard will need to find and speak to Aria at Purgatory. This option becomes available any time after Priority: Palaven.

Who should I side with Aria or Nyreen?

1)side with Aria = both survive but Nyreen now agrees to do it Aria’s way, ruthless Omega. 2)side with Nyreen = both survive but Aria now becomes a little tiny bit more compassionate about Omega people.

Can you keep Nyreen alive?

No. She did what she always did, what was important to her and what was mentioned several times throughout the DLC: She saved civilians. She was surrounded by many enemies and for her it was the only choice in that moment to save the civilians around her.

How do you start the Citadel DLC in Mass Effect 3?

To start it, Shepard must complete a mission and visit Anderson’s apartment. The Citadel DLC is one of the most loved parts of Mass Effect 3, but the option to start the mission is not available right away. Citadel is a lighthearted adventure compared to the rest of Mass Effect 3’s story.

Should I release Jona Sederis or not?

Should you go with Sederis or Sayn? Regardless of the decision you make, there are no negative consequences based on your choice. If you choose to release Sederis, you receive Renegade points. If you pick to let her rot in jail and encourage Sayn to take control, you’ll receive Paragon points.