How do you check fare in Sabre?

From your Sabre Red Workspace screen: • Click Tools, Air, Historical Pricing. The Historical Pricing app search screen displays. To close the application, click the X on the Historical Pricing tab.

How do I delete a remark in Sabre?

The Change key is used in conjunction with Sabre commands to delete or alter data. this keystroke is ¤. This key performs a function similar to the carriage return on a typewriter.

What is PCC in Sabre?

Pseudo City Code (PCC) An alphanumeric identifier that designates access to Sabre Red Workspace and Sabre APIs. Issued to a travel agency of a Global Distribution System (GDS) such as Sabre.

How do I change passenger name in Sabre?


  1. Retrieve the passenger name record using the Retrieve Itinerary API (GetReservationRQ).
  2. Call the Modify Itinerary API (TravelItineraryModifyInfoLLSRQ) with the updated passenger name record in the request.
  3. End the transaction of the passenger name record using the End Transaction API (EndTransactionLLSRQ).

How do I reset my Sabre Red password?

  1. Go to and click ‘forgot? ‘ found to the right of the password box.
  2. How to Reset Forgotten or Expired Passwords in Sabre Cruises.
  4. click here to change your. forgotten or expired password.
  5. The password reset page is displayed.

Why choose Sabre Red 360 workflow?

Experience a workflow that delivers rich content, like a consumer travel site, but also gives you the command of the classic blue screen. Sabre Red 360 is our smartest workflow all the way around.

How does trip proposal work with Sabre?

Choose from more than one million properties around the globe – in a new format that makes it easy to compare options. offers with Trip Proposal. Improve the selling experience with a shopping cart feature that allows your team to create and save branded travel proposals in Sabre Red 360. Then convert proposals into bookings with a single click.

What is sabsabre red 360?

Sabre Red 360 is our smartest workflow all the way around. And it will change the way your business accesses content, books proposals and develops custom applications. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

How do I add frequent flyer details in sabre?

1. Move traveler profile from AgentPort to Sabre. 2. Check availability and select flights. 3. Price the itinerary/ check fare conditions. 4. Store the fare. 5. Add the ticketing field. 6. Add seating (then special meals). 7. Add/Modify Frequent Flyer details (if needed).