How do you find the gear ratio on a Ford f250?

How Do I Find the Axle Ratio and Limited Slip of My Ford Vehicle?

  1. Locate the Safety Compliance Certification Label on the driver’s side front or rear door panel.
  2. Find the word AXLE under the bar code.
  3. Find the two-digit code under AXLE.

How can I tell what rear end is in my f250?

Locate the identification tag on Ford manufactured rear end units. According to, the tag is located on the driver’s side of the unit, mounted vertically, facing the front of the vehicle.

What is f250 axle ratio?

A 4.30:1 gear ratio is very effective and popular in this division. Off-Road Only: For off-road only applications where top speed and comfort are of no concern it’s open season. Applications running gears with ratios lower than 5:1 is nothing outlandish for these types of F-250s.

What axle does my f250 have?

A Ford Sterling 10.25 axle is a heavy duty, full floating rear axle produced for F-250 and F-350 trucks. It can handle up to 5,000 pounds of gross vehicle weight. In the beginning, Ford used Dana axles in their trucks. Later on, they developed the Sterling 10.25 axle to replace the Dana axles.

Are 3.31 gears good for towing?

Normally, the 3.31 would get you better gas mileage, on highway. But, with the 3.55 you will get a bit more pulling power so less time at higher RPM to get your trailer moving and when going uphill. If most of your towing is flat highway, the 3.31 should do you fine.

Will VIN number tell me gear ratio?

The Gear Ratio Could Be In Your VIN Code Or Identification Plate. Every number and letter within a VIN reveals information about the automobile, such as the make, model, year built and the engine size.

Is a 3.31 axle ratio good for towing?

How do I find out my trucks axle ratio?

Method 1: Count the number of teeth on the ring gear and the pinion. Divide the number of the ring gear’s teeth by the number of the pinion’s teeth. This will give you the axle ratio.

Should I change gear ratios on my Ford F-250?

If the F-250 already had low gears to begin with, it’s easy to wonder why owners would want to change gear ratios. In a work or play atmosphere, an F-250 is going to be bogged down by a lot of weight.

How do I know what gear ratio my truck has?

There’s no question, the easiest way to identify the axle and gear ratio in your truck is from the door sticker. If you open the drivers door and look at the door jamb, you’ll see a sticker like the one shown below:

What is a pinion gear on a Ford F250?

This pinion gear turns the ring gear, which uses another gear reduction process to turn the wheels. This is the same concept for the front and rear differentials. Knowing the enemy is the first step in deciding what gear ratio you should swap to. The F-250 is a truck designed for a hard work lifestyle.

What kind of rear differential does a Ford truck have?

Ford installed a large number of Dana – Spicer differentials both in the front and the rear ends of their pickup trucks. When ordering parts for your Ford Dana rear end it is a critical to have that bill of material number to ensure that you find correct parts the first time.