How do you level up fast on Steam?

How To Level Up On Steam

  1. Craft and upgrade badges using trading cards.
  2. Participate in events, such as Steam’s Summer and Winter sales.
  3. Simply own your Steam account for a long time (“Years of service” badge)

Does Steam level matter?

Every Steam user has a level, with higher levels granting bonuses like extra slots on your friends list and higher drop rates for booster card packs (more on those later). The higher your Steam level, the better your chance of scoring a booster pack—every 10 levels grants +20% to their drop rate.

Who has highest Steam level?

Badges » Top Steam Users By Level

Rank Name Level
#1 St4ck 5000
#2 Magic 3916
#3 StiGGe 3552
#4 ¡🔥 MoneyLead 🔥 2554

What is the oldest Steam account?

According to, the profile owned by Steam user Abacus Avenger is the oldest Steam account in the world. Like all of the first Steam accounts, Abacus Avenger is a game developer at Valve, which owns Steam. Abacus Avenger has earned 54 badges, 72 game cards, and 603 achievements.

What is the highest level on Steam?

Steam Level. By crafting Badges, you gain experience, which raises your Steam level. A freshly made Steam account is level 0. Currently the highest level on Steam is 3846 ( ). Complete tasks of the community; 100 XP, 200 XP or 500 XP, depends on how many tasks completed.

How to get steam level up?

1) Craft Game Badges Steam has a badge crafting system that can give you loads of XP which can easily level up your steam account. 2) Buy Lots of Games The more games you buy the higher your level will increase. 3) Complete Steam Profile If you have not completed your steam profile yet then you can easily complete your steam profile and do the requested challenges to get up 4) Use Steam Sales and Holiday events During Holiday and sales event you can buy plenty of games for cheap. 5) Community tasks and Helping the Steam Community This is for those people who do not wish to spend money on badge crafting and buying games. 6) Steam Years of Service achievement

How to level up on Steam?

Tools of the trade. Steam Tools is your first stop for all things badge-related.

  • Steam sales. After collecting a full card set,I expected the next step would be to craft some badges.
  • Turning fodder to fuel. When it comes time to craft,XP won’t be your only reward.
  • Avoid foils. As shiny as they are,foil cards are a bad investment.
  • Non-card badges. Beyond buying up cards,there are a couple of special badges good for a few easy-ish hits of XP.
  • What do Steam profile levels do?

    Increased Friends list size (+5 friends per level added to the cap)

  • Showcases for your Steam Profile (1 new showcase every 10 levels)
  • Increased chance of Booster Pack drop (+20 % chance for every 10 levels)