How do you unlock the cannon in Far Cry 3?

The Cannon revolver is earned through the Uplay store. This weapon comes with a unique scope and better accuracy. Simply unlocking achievements and playing the game will get you enough points to unlock this beastly revolver.

How do you get signature weapons in Far Cry 3?

Signature Weapons are unlocked (but not owned by Jason until purchased) in the shops after certain criteria are met. Liberate 17 Outposts. Collect 10 Memory Cards. Collect 10 Relics.

Can you get Signature Weapons for free Far Cry 3?

Signature weapons are usually unlocked by completing certain objectives. After unlocking the weapon, they may be purchased from the store or any self-service weapon locker. Liberating Radio Towers cannot earn you free Signature Weapons, but liberating all 18 Radio Towers will unlock the Bushman for purchase.

Which Far Cry 3 ending is canon?

What happened to Jason Brody after the event of Far Cry 3? – Quora. Well, in the ending in which you choose to kill your friends and remain on the island, he impregnates Citra (leader of the Rakyat) and is then stabbed to death by her with a ritual dagger.

Is Rook the judge?

10 The Judge Is The Player Character From Far Cry 5 Not just any character either: the Judge is actually Deputy Rook, otherwise known as the player character from the previous Far Cry game. It’s a terrifyingly sad end for the character, but it’s a fact that informs all the other surprises about The Judge.

Is the judge the deputy?

Gender. The Judge is a member of New Eden and a potential Guns for Hire in Far Cry New Dawn. They are the new identity of the Junior Deputy from Far Cry 5, brainwashed by Joseph Seed and wracked by guilt from the events of the nuclear holocaust and the deaths of their fellow officers.

What are the best weapons in Far Cry 3?

From unique machetes to explosive snipers, here are all nine of Far Cry 3’s signature weapons ranked from worst to best. Only obtainable from Uplay rewards, the Cannon is a Signature variant of the .44 Magnum. This variant features an extended barrel and optical sight pre-installed.

What kind of gun is 44 Magnum in Far Cry 3?

The .44 Magnum makes its first appearance in the series in Far Cry 3 . ” An American-made revolver that packs some serious punch at close range but has limited ammo capacity. It can be used while on the Zipline.

How many relics are there in Far Cry 3?

Since there are a total of 120 Relics in Far Cry 3, finding only ten of them should be rather easy. The weapon itself is a powerhouse that can take down tougher wildlife and heavily-armored foes in a few shots. Pair this with an SMG or assault rifle to get the most out of this gun.

What is the Prestige variant in Far Cry 3?

” The Prestige variant in Far Cry 3 is the .44 Magnum Cannon . The Cannon being leaned against a wall. First-person view of the Cannon. The .44 Magnum in Far Cry 3 is based on the “Stealth Hunter” variant of the Smith & Wesson Model 629.