How many mg of Singulair can you take?

SINGULAIR should be taken once daily in the evening. The following doses are recommended: For adults and adolescents 15 years of age and older: one 10-mg tablet. For pediatric patients 6 to 14 years of age: one 5-mg chewable tablet.

Does Singulair come in different strengths?

SINGULAIR contains aspartame, a source of phenylalanine. Phenylalanine can be harmful to patients with phenylketonuria (PKU). Each 4 mg and 5 mg chewable tablet contains 0.674 mg and 0.842 mg of phenylalanine, respectively.

Can you take 2 Singulair a day?

Do not take 2 doses of Singulair within 24 hours (1 day).

Can I take 2 montelukast a day?

Most people take montelukast once a day in the evening to prevent asthma or allergy symptoms. However, if exercise makes your asthma worse, your doctor might tell you to take montelukast 2 hours before you exercise. Never take more than 1 dose a day.

Does Singulair affect sleep?

These changes in behavior may lead to anxiety-like feelings. Other mood-related symptoms that have been reported in patients taking Singulair include agitation, aggressiveness, bad dreams, hallucinations, trouble sleeping, tremors, memory problems, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

Is Singulair good for cough?

Singulair is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat the following conditions (FDA, 2020-a): Asthma, a long-term health condition that involves inflammation and narrowing in your lung airways, leading to wheezing, difficulty breathing, chest tightness, and coughing.

Will Singulair help cough?

Is Singulair considered an antihistamine?

Unlike other medications used to treat allergic rhinitis (for example, Claritin or Allegra ), Singulair is not an antihistamine. Remember, an antihistamine is a medication that reduces your body’s production of histamine, your body’s natural first defense against allergens.

Does Singulair interact with other medications?

Singulair can potentially interact with other medications. Some of the medicines that may lead to Singulair drug interactions include: Certain anticonvulsants (seizure medications), including carbamazepine (Carbatrol, Epitol, Equetro, Tegretol, Tegretol XR), fosphenytoin (Cerebyx),…

Is Singulair an anti-inflammatory medication?

Singulair; Available Dosage Forms: Tablet; Tablet, Chewable; Packet; Therapeutic Class: Anti-Inflammatory. Pharmacologic Class: Leukotriene Pathway Inhibitor. Uses for Singulair. Montelukast is used to treat and prevent asthma. It will decrease the symptoms and the number of acute asthma attacks.

Is Singulair available without a prescription?

Here are the reasons a panel of experts just voted to tell the FDA not to allow Singulair to be sold without a prescription. Singulair, now available as the generic montelukast, is a popular and effective allergy medication also used in asthmatics who have allergies.