How many towns are in Lejweleputswa district?

18 towns
The district makes up almost a third of the province, and consists of the following five local municipalities, with approximately 18 towns distributed throughout: Masilonyana, Tokologo, Tswelopele, Matjhabeng and Nala.

In which province is Lejweleputswa?

Free State
Lejweleputswa District Municipality

Province Free State
Seat Welkom
Local municipalities hide List Masilonyana Tokologo Tswelopele Matjhabeng Nala

How many wards are in Masilonyana?

Masilonyana Local Municipality

Province Free State
District Lejweleputswa
Seat Theunissen
Wards 10

Who is Thabo Mofutsanyana?

Thabo Edwin Mofutsanyana was born in the Witsieshoek area in the Free State. He was a teacher, miner and journalist. Mofutsanyana became an active member of the Communist Party of South Africa and the African National Congress. A district municipality in the eastern Free State of South Africa is named in his honour.

How many municipalities are in the Free State?

The Free State is divided into one metropolitan municipality (Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality) and four district municipalities, which are further subdivided into 18 local municipalities.

What towns fall under Lejweleputwa?

Lejweleputswa, or “Grey rock” in Sesotho, is a district municipality in Free State, consisting of five local municipalities: Majhabeng, Masilonyana, Nala, Tokologo and Tswelopele. The main towns are Boshoff, Bothaville, Bultfontein, Majhabeng, Theunissen and Welkom, the municipal seat for the district.

Where is Lejweleputswa District Municipality?

Executive Summary The Lejweleputswa District Municipality is a category C municipality is located in the north western part of the Free State province and is about 32 287 square km².

What is the unemployment rate in Lejweleputswa?

Lejweleputswa is one of the worst municipalities with the highest rate of unemployment in the Free State province. When comparing unemployment rates among municipalities within Lejweleputswa district municipality, Matjhabeng local municipality has indicated the highest unemployment rate of 55.3%, which has increased from 31.9% in 2009.

What is Lejweleputswa careers?

Lejweleputswa careers handles local administration services and civil problems. A considerable number of employees work at Lejweleputswa district Municipality in different job positions.

How many people have electricity in Lejweleputswa?

By 2018, Lejweleputswa district municipality had a total number of 3 720 (1.95%) households with electricity for lighting only, a total of 175 000 (91.56%) households had electricity for lighting and other purposes and a total number of 12 400 (6.50%) households did not use electricity. 6. GOVERNANCE