How much do pawnbrokers charge?

The interest rates for pawnbrokers vary, but you can usually expect to pay between 3% and 10% per month, dependant on the size of the loan and the individual company. They are higher than a bank will charge for a loan, but less than payday loan providers.

Who owns H Pawnbrokers?

Cash America Inc.
H Group was founded in London in 1897 as Harvey & Thompson. In 1992, when it had 27 stores, H was acquired by Cash America Inc. Following this change of ownership H continued to grow both in terms of number of stores and range of products and services offered.

Do H Pawnbrokers do credit checks?

No credit check A typical high street pawnbroker, such as H, will accept almost any item of value, such as gold jewellery, diamonds, luxury watches, antiques, collectables and art.

What ID do I need for H Pawnbrokers?

Please note that formal identification is always required for this service. You should bring along the originals of: a formal letter with your address dated within the last three months, such as a utility bill or tenancy agreement.

Do pawnbrokers make good money?

Pawnbroker Industry Overall, the average salary for a pawnbroker is ​$38,310​, as reported on the Comparably website. On the low end, pawnshop owners earn a little over ​$20,000​ per year, with the maximum salary reported by Comparably coming in at around ​$98,000​.

How many pawnbrokers are there in the UK?

Pawnbrokers are experiencing a resurgence all over Britain. The industry estimates it now has an annual turnover of around £450m, an increase of between 300 and 400% on 10 years ago. In the early 1970s, there were fewer than 50 pawnbroker shops left. Now there are more than 850.

What do H Pawnbrokers do?

H Pawnbrokers | Buy, Borrow & Sell with Harvey & Thompson Ltd. Our online pawnbroking service is simple, fast and easy to use. Send us photos of your items to get a cash offer within 30 minutes. If accepted, you can send us your items in the post or we can arrange a free courier service.

Do pawnbrokers cash Cheques?

Cheque Cashing At H Pawnbrokers, we can instantly cash your cheque on the spot for a small fee — no more waiting days for cheques to clear, and you can do it without a bank account! the letter that came with the cheque.

What do pawn shops buy the most?

The following are things that pawnshops almost always buy:

  • Things to pawn nearly always pawn jewelry, gold, watches, Rolex, gold coins and silver coins and precious metals.
  • Firearms.
  • Electronics.
  • Computers / laptops.
  • Smart phones.
  • Sports equipment, including bikes.
  • Tools and yard equipment.
  • Musical instruments.

What happens when you pawn something?

When you pawn an item, you are taking out a loan using your valuable as collateral. The pawnbroker will agree to give you a certain amount of cash and hold your item until you have paid back the loan amount plus interest and fees. You leave with cash in hand, and you have no further obligation to the pawnbroker.