How much does a tracker cost UK?

How much does a tracker cost in 2021? The most basic vehicle trackers start at around £7.50 per vehicle, per month to lease. To buy an active tracking system outright, you’ll spend upwards of £200 per unit, plus installation costs of £50 to £100. Passive tracking systems can cost as little as £100 upfront.

How much does a GPS tracker cost?

GPS tracking devices are an option for people who need to track just one vehicle. The average price for a standalone GPS vehicle tracking device in America is around $60. Devices can range from $10 all the way up to $200 and more. Prices will vary depending on device brand, quality, and features.

Is GPS tracking illegal UK?

What is the law on vehicle trackers? There is no specific law in the UK on vehicle trackers, where the use of vehicle tracking devices is covered by the law regulating the misuse of personal information under the Data Protection Act 2018 and Human Rights Act 1998.

How much does it cost to buy a tracking device?

Hardwired GPS trackers, which are generally hidden from plain view and connected directly to your vehicle’s battery, will generally cost between $250-$350.

Which car tracker is best UK?

Top 8 Car Trackers in the UK

  • Abax Vehicle Tracking. Type: GPS tracker.
  • Enforcer 4 Car / Asset Tracker. Type: GPS tracker.
  • The Pro Fleetman. Type: GPS tracker.
  • Bond 5800: Magnetic Covert Car Tracker. Type: GPS tracker.
  • Link 410 Advanced Car Tracker.
  • Link 710 Advanced Vehicle Tracking.
  • V-Auto by Vodafone.
  • Car GPS Tracker.

Is it illegal to put a tracker on someone’s car UK?

Legal Consequences Legal experts agree that it is legal to install a vehicle tracking system in a car as long as you own it, and you can use it to track members of your family with their permission.

Are GPS trackers expensive?

The OBD plug-in GPS device costs around $90 and comes with a one-year basic plan subscription (and a one-time activation fee of $40). Yearly renewal costs are about $79, which works out to around $6.58 a month.

Is it worth buying a car tracker?

Having a tracking device installed in your car is one of the most reliable and efficient ways of protecting it from crime. Although they can be quite expensive, these devices will lower your insurance premiums and could save you a huge amount of hassle, in the long run, if your vehicle is stolen.

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