How much is a roller team Pegaso 740?

Topping off the Roller Team range for 2018 is a very interesting beast. It’s an A-class, the sole such model in the line-up, and it has an eye-catchingly low price….Roller Team Pegaso 740 factfile.

Model Roller Team Pegaso 740
Travel seats 4
Maximum weight 3,500kg
Payload 340kg
MPG estimate 26-30

Where are Roller team campers made?

Contact Roller Team today for any information regarding any of our Italian motorhomes or campervans. Roller Team’s manufacturing centre of European motorhomes is based in the stunning Tuscan countryside, and that Italian essence is at the heart of all our Italian motorhomes.

How long is an auto roller 746?


Year 2021,2022
Length 7.47 m (24′ 5”)
Width 2.35 m ( 7′ 9”)
Height 3.20 m (10′ 5”)
Max Overall Weight 3,500 kg

What motorhome does Paul Merton use?

Pegaso 740 motorhome
Over six episodes, it follows their trips through England and Wales in a 7.3-metre RollerTeam Pegaso 740 motorhome, and also offers vanlife hacks, kit testing and a peek inside some of Britain’s best vans.

Who makes Picasso motorhomes?

The Elddis Picasso is based on the Autoquest 115. Aside from the 2 VW’s, the motorhomes are based on the UK’s best selling motorhome range known as the Autoquest….Elddis Picasso 115 (Masters Collection)

Berth 2
Chassis Peugeot
Length 5.7 Metres (approx)

Where is the auto trail factory?

Always developing and growing our range and our methods, we are now recognised as the UK’s leading dedicated motorhome manufacturer with one motorhome in three sold in the UK being built at our Grimsby manufacturing plant.

Which motorhome manufacturers are rated best UK?

Auto-Trail wins the scrap to finish first among UK-based motorhome manufacturers, with an impressive score of 82.7%. Auto-Sleepers is just behind, scoring 82.4% and earning a Silver Medal.

Do Chausson make caravans?

Discover our motorhome and caravan brands 1 in France. A well-known French brand, Chausson believes that a motorhome should reflect a lifestyle that is synonymous with passion. These caravans have all the advantages of larger vehicles, while featuring exception ease of hauling and storage.

Who is Paul Merton married to?

Suki Websterm. 2009
Sarah Parkinsonm. 2003–2003Caroline Quentinm. 1990–1998
Paul Merton/Spouse

Was Suki Webster married before?

Paul Mertonm. 2009
Suki Webster/Spouse

What is the difference between the roller team Pegaso 740 and 745?

The Roller Team Pegaso 740 has a sectioned off bedroom area to the rear complete with wardrobes and an island bed; whilst the Roller Team Pegaso 745 has a much sought-after U-shaped lounge to the rear, ideal for entertaining friends or to kick-back in after an arduous day on the road.

Why choose a roller team Pegaso motorhome?

Desirable from every angle the Roller Team Pegaso motorhome range is Roller Team’s contribution to the A-Class motorhomes. With the combined cab and living space, it is at a premium in these vans. If you are looking for pure luxury, then search no further as these Roller Team motorhomes encompass opulence and style.

What makes the roller team Auto-roller 707 so special?

The Roller Team Auto-Roller motorhome range is unique for numerous reasons, firstly it is one of the only motorhome ranges in the UK to have a seven-berth model. The Roller Team Auto-Roller 707 really is something to behold with its unparalleled use of space.

How many models of roller team motorhomes are there?

All three models are large motorhomes complete with practical washrooms and in all, but the 707, luxurious U-shaped lounges for evenings sitting back and relaxing. All three models are available at Leisure World Group, and as an official Roller Team dealer, why not pop in or enquire about our new 2020 Roller Team motorhomes today.