How old is arcia?

27 years (August 4, 1994)
Orlando Arcia/Age

Who is Orlando Arcia wife?

Orlando Arcia, the stunning no. 13 of the Atlanta Braves, is a Venezuelan professional baseball player….Orlando Arcia: Quick Facts.

Full Name Orlando Jesus Arcia
Marital Status Married
Kids Mia and Isabella
Net Worth $1 million
Salary $565,700

What does Orlando Arcia make?

507,500 USD (2016)
Orlando Arcia/Salary

Who does Orlando Arcia play for?

Atlanta Braves#9 / Shortstop
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Who drafted Orlando Arcia?

Orlando Arcia
Runs batted in 193
Milwaukee Brewers (2016–2021) Atlanta Braves (2021–present)
Career highlights and awards

What happened Orlando Arcia?

Braves’ Orlando Arcia: Optioned to minors The shortstop-turned-outfielder has hit an unremarkable . 204 with two home runs and seven RBI in 17 games with Atlanta. Arcia is no longer needed for outfield depth now that sluggers Jorge Soler and Adam Duvall are with the team and active.

What team does arcia play for?

What number is Arcia with the Braves?

9Atlanta Braves / Shortstop
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What is Orlando Arcia doing now?

Update – The Braves have officially announced the deal. Arcia will make $1.6 million in 2022, $1.3 million in 2023. The deal also includes a $2 million club option for 2024 that also includes a $100,000 buyout. The #Braves today signed SS Orlando Arcia to a two-year contract worth $3 million guaranteed.

Does Arcia still play for the Brewers?

Orlando Jesús Arcia (born August 4, 1994) is a Venezuelan professional baseball shortstop for the Atlanta Braves of Major League Baseball (MLB)….

Orlando Arcia
Home runs 44
Runs batted in 193
Milwaukee Brewers (2016–2021) Atlanta Braves (2021–present)