Is discretion a police power?

In this case, police are given discretion, or freedom to decide, on the job to make decisions, but there is a ‘thin blue line’ that the police cannot cross or they will be in violation of the law. When the police perform their official duties, there is a certain level of discretion they must use.

Who is the leader of police in Zimbabwe?

Commissioner Josephine Shambare was born in the year 1960 in Mashonaland Central Province, Zimbabwe.

What is a police section 17?

Section 17 provides a wide-ranging power to enter and search premises without a warrant in order to arrest persons or to save life, limb or property.

How does discretion impact the criminal justice system?

Discretion is the power of officials to act according to the dictates of their own judgment and conscience. Discretion is abused when the judicial action is arbitrary, fanciful, or unreasonable. If the plaintiff or the defendant thinks that the trial court judge has abused the discretion, the party can appeal the case.

What is discretionary decision-making?

Discretion is the power or right to make official decisions using reason and judgment to choose from among acceptable alternatives. All discretionary decisions made are subject to some kind of review and are also subject to reversal or modification if there has been an ABUSE OF DISCRETION.

How do I join ZRP?

Be physically and medically fit.

  1. Have a minimum height of 1,68m and weigh not less than 57kgs for males.
  2. Have a minimum height of 1,60m and weigh not less than 55kgs for females.
  3. Be prepared to complete a 5 Km road run in 20 minutes for males and 25 minutes for females.

What does ZRP stand for?

The Zimbabwe Republic Police ( ZRP) is the national police force of Zimbabwe, having succeeded the British South Africa Police on 1 August 1980. The predecessor of the Zimbabwe Republic Police was the British South Africa Police of Rhodesia and the interim state of Zimbabwe Rhodesia.

What is recruitment into the ZRP for general duty constables?

Recruitment into the ZRP for General Duty Constables is a decentralized process which commences at a Local Police Station. This is meant to reach a majority of persons in all corners of the country.

Can I join the ZRP cycle patrol unit?

The joining of the Police Cycle Unit is on a voluntary basis. Recruits undergoing initial police training are co-opted for Training and after pass-out are deployed to undertake Cycle Patrol Unit duties. The ZRP is now a member of Zimbabwe Triathlon Association and Zimbabwe Cycling Association.

Who is in charge of the ZRP?

Overall, command of the force is exercised by the Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga. He is deputised by four Deputy Commissioners-General who form part of the Central Planning Committee (CPC) a decision passing body in the ZRP.