Is Game Theory a MatPat?

MatPat is the creator and narrator of the YouTube series, “The Game Theorists” (better known as Game Theory). He discusses video games and the gaming industry. Chloe also had some advice for MatPat and his co-host Stephanie.

What software does MatPat use?

Matpat uses a lot of raster based images which leads me to bet he uses Adobe After Effects which is, for those who aren’t familiar with After Effects, is basically Photoshop for video.

What happened to Chris from GTLive?

Chris eventually moved to Los Angeles, California, and was invited to work at Theorist Media and substituted for Jason as producer while the latter was away at his wedding, after which he became a regular member of the GTLive crew as the production assistant.

What is MatPat’s favorite game?

Gaming. The position of MatPat’s favorite game is tied between the RPGs Chrono Trigger and EarthBound. MatPat plays Pokémon GO and is on Team Mystic. It has been suggested numerous times that MatPat has a crush on the Super Mario character Princess Peach.

Did Jason leave GTLive?

He currently lives in Los Angeles, California. Jason was an associate producer of DEFY Media from 2013 until joining The Game Theorists family in 2015. In 2015, he became the main camera operator and editor of GTLive until September of that same year, in which he became Head of Production.

Where is Stephanie theory?

In March 2018, MatPat announced via the Game Theorists channel that Stephanie was pregnant; their son Oliver was born that July. Stephanie, MatPat and Oliver currently reside in Los Angeles, along with their cat, Skip.

Does MatPat have a child?

Oliver Julian Patrick
Matthew Patrick/Children

Are Matpat and Rosanna still friends?

Rosanna and Matpat are not a couple. The two are just very good friends. Some people even believe they could pass off as siblings. Rosanna even shared on Twitter onetime that, when she first met Mat, ” he Instantly felt like family.”

Is Ro still with Husky?

In early 2015, Lamond quit sports commentating. In late 2018, after a four-year hiatus, Husky took down his old YouTube channel, which as of March 2019 had over 489 million views. He currently has a new channel on the platform and currently works with Rosanna Pansino on Nerdy Nummies.