Is Rega Brio r better than Rega IO?

With the only real difference between the Brio and the io being power and the number of inputs, the io is actually a great fit for a lot of people. The io uses just two output transistors per channel. There have been a few other classic amps over the last several decades with this type of layout.

Does Rega Brio run hot?

The Rega Brio was warm, but not hot, following its 1-hour, 1/3-power preconditioning test. Its line input impedance measured 65.5k ohms at 1kHz, a comfortably high value. The Rega’s output impedance was comfortably low: under 0.033 ohms up to 1kHz, increasing to a maximum of 0.21 ohms at 20kHz.

Where is Rega Brio made?

Evox or Wima polypropylene capacitors supply phono equalization. Like all Rega transformers, the Brio’s 154VA toroidal transformer is made by EMV, a two-man company in nearby Suffolk. The Brio’s volume control is Japanese, by ALPS.

Does Rega Brio have Bluetooth?

A single pair of speaker terminals is also present – and that’s it. We can imagine many wanting digital inputs, too. After all, the Cambridge CXA60 offers digital inputs, a high-resolution DAC and Bluetooth streaming.

Are Rega amplifiers good?

By making careful reductions to power, connections and casework, Rega has kept everything that makes their amps what they are. The io is genuinely brilliant; an amplifier that does a little less to give you more than pretty much any rival and, for these reasons, it’s an indisputable Best Buy.

Are Rega amplifiers any good?

Rega’s io amplifier has all the hallmarks of its Award-winning Brio sibling, but for around half the price. I received my IO 4 weeks ago and use it while spending most working days in a medium sized study. I appreciate the build quality, simplicity and that it really does sound great…

Why do amplifiers get hot?

There are several different reasons that an amplifier will get hot and shut down. Four of the most common are: Blown/grounded speaker(s), poor power and/or ground connections, too low an impedance (load), or Gain/Punch Bass control settings too high.

Why is amp so hot?

Why Do Amplifiers Get So Hot? Electrical devices commonly heat up when they are being used. The harder the device is working, the more heat it usually exerts as it uses more electricity to perform the task at hand.

Does the Rega Brio have a built in DAC?

Member. Rja4000 said: As the Brio is an integrated amp, you just need a good USB DAC with fixed volume.

Does the Rega Brio have a phono stage?

Features. Rega continues to keep things simple and analogue-only with the Brio, including a moving-magnet phono stage that’s designed to work harmoniously with the company’s own Planar turntables. Around the back you’ll find four line-level inputs, the phono-stage inputs, and a pair of outputs for recording.

Does the Rega Brio have a preamp?

First, the Rega Brio is an integrated amplifier that features in the entry-level models of the Brio range. This means it combines the features of both an amp and a preamp, enabling you to enjoy your audio output and needs with any interruption.

Is the Rega Brio-R getting a facelift?

At a glance it looks as though Rega has merely replaced the front and rear of the Brio-R to give the new Brio a facelift, but look closer and you’ll notice that the fixing bolts have disappeared from the top and that the main body of the case is made from two aluminium extrusions.

Is the Rega Brio-R any good?

The Rega Brio-R only offers a small footprint but still manages to provide a full suite of inputs and associated features. More importantly, however, the sound quality is remarkably good for an amplifier at this price point.

What is Rega Brio-R integrated amplifier?

Rega Brio-R Integrated Amplifier. Rega Brio-R Integrated Amplifier Features Built-In Phonostage and High-End Components: Product of the Year Award-Winning Design Plays Music With Stellar Sound Quality. Rega combines its traditional audio design expertise with excellent engineering in the half-width Brio-R integrated amplifier.

Does the Rega Brio connect to your phone?

After all we buy sound systems to enjoy our music not to twiddle switches, but if your music is on your phone this could be a problem for Rega. They will just have to mention that Bluetooth receivers can be had for just over £30 and can connect to the inputs on the Brio.