Is USS Independence a destroyer?

The ship is a trimaran design with a wide beam above the waterline that supports a larger flight deck than those of the Navy’s much larger destroyers and cruisers, as well as a large hangar and a similarly large mission bay below….USS Independence (LCS-2)

United States
Builder Austal USA
Laid down 19 January 2006
Launched 26 April 2008

What went wrong with the Littoral Combat Ship?

The littoral combat ship can answer that question. It has been plagued by problems since its conception in 2001. Uncharitably dubbed the “little crappy ship” by its detractors, the program has faced cost overruns, delays, mechanical failures, and questions over the platforms’ survivability in high-intensity combat.

Why is USS Independence being retired?

USS Independence (LCS-2) was ceremonially decommissioned at an event not open to the public “due to public health safety and restrictions,” reads a release from Littoral Combat Squadron 1. In a speech, commander Naval Surface Forces, Vice Adm.

Does LCS have VLS?

The biggest controversy surrounds the ships’ one severe inflexibility: their weapons fit. Present LCS designs don’t even carry torpedo tubes, or vertical-launch systems (VLS) that could accommodate present and future attack and/or defensive missiles.

What is a triple hulled Chinese warship?

A trimaran vessel with all-electric propulsion, multiple helicopters, and anti-ship missiles. At the Dubai IDEX defense exposition, arms makers from around the world show off their latest wares. A notable debut at the recent 2017 show: a new, triple hulled Chinese warship design.

What was the Triton research ship?

The Triton trimaran research ship was a technology demonstrator ship for the Royal Navy’s future surface combatant (FSC) frigate requirement, due to enter service from 2013 and replace the Type 23 frigates. Triton is the world’s largest motor powered trimaran (triple-hulled) vessel, with a length of 90m and beam of 22m.

What is the difference between a multi-hull and a tri hull?

Typically, tri-hull boats are counted under multi-hulls, along with catamarans and pontoon boats. Trimarans bear a distinct resemblance to V-bottom boats, except that these have a more pronounced shape and form large tunnels with their hulls.

What are the parts of a tri hull boat?

The boat features three hulls at the bottom, a main hull in the middle, and two amas or side hulls on either side of the main one. Many tri-hulls have a subtle M-shaped bottom by using slightly smaller side hulls than the middle hull.