Is Zandvoort a good circuit?

It’s a real racing circuit.” Esteban Ocon was another driver full of praise for the track, having last raced here in 2016, telling the media: “It was honestly a pure pleasure to drive on this track. It’s good fun, the banking but also just the layout in general.

How long is Zandvoort circuit?

4.259 km
Netherlands – Zandvoort

First Grand Prix 1952
Circuit length 4.259 km
Number of laps 72
Race distance 306.648 km

When was the last race in Zandvoort circuit?

The last Formula One race at the Zandvoort circuit was on August the 25th 1985. Teammates Alain Prost and Niki Lauda where fighting al the way to the finish. Finally Niki Lauda won the race with a lead of two tenths of a second at Alain Prost! It was his 25th and last victory.

Who designed Zandvoort circuit?

S. C. H. “Sammy” Davis
Instead, it was 1927 Le Mans winner, S. C. H. “Sammy” Davis who was brought in as a track design advisor in July 1946 although the layout was partly dictated by the existing roads.

Is Zandvoort a difficult track?

Physically you start to feel it quite a bit and it’s extremely quick. “You don’t have that sensation in the simulator so when you come here, you really get to feel it. And it’s a bit of a shock the first few laps you do. But once you get into it, it’s just a cool feeling.”

Is Zandvoort a good overtaking track?

Zandvoort’s revamped track offered drivers few overtaking opportunities in the Dutch Grand Prix, but Fernando Alonso says the circuit was no worse than other F1 venues.

Why did F1 stop using Zandvoort?

By 1985, in financial difficulties and with the facilities no longer suited to modern F1, the sport left Zandvoort behind. The track was truncated to a new layout in 1990 and its current configuration in 1999. More tight and twisting, this year it features two corners banked to 18 degrees.

Why is Zandvoort special?

At 4.259km, Zandvoort is the shortest track of the calendar so far after Monaco. It pips the Red Bull Ring and the Hungaroring for the honour of being the shortest permanent venue.

Is Zandvoort easy to overtake?

Max Verstappen reckons it will be hard to overtake around Zandvoort next weekend, but the Red Bull driver feels that single lap performance at the legendary venue will prove “rewarding”. “It might be a little hard to overtake on but for single lap performance I think it’s going to be rewarding,” added Verstappen.

Can F1 cars overtake at Zandvoort?

Formula 1 drivers will not be allowed to use DRS through Zandvoort’s banked final corner, which will make overtaking more difficult at the circuit. An 18-degree banking was added to the Arie Luyendijkbocht (previously known as Bos Uit) when the track was overhauled in order to hold its first grand prix since 1985.

Which F1 driver was killed at Zandvoort?

Roger Williamson
Roger Williamson (2 February 1948 – 29 July 1973) was a British racing driver, a two time British Formula 3 champion, who died during his second Formula One race, the 1973 Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort Circuit in the Netherlands….Roger Williamson.

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