What do I say to my daughter on her 18th birthday?

Let’s give her some sage, non-nagging advice as she enters adulthood.

  • Never be afraid of failure.
  • You’re enough.
  • Life can really, really suck—but it’s beautiful most of the time.
  • Be yourself, no matter where you are or who you’re with.
  • Time really does fly — so be present.
  • Work hard — but not TOO hard.

What can I write in my daughters 18th birthday card?

18th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

  1. Congratulations to my daughter on her 18th.
  2. You’ll forever be my sweet baby girl, daughter.
  3. May you achieve all your aspirations, daughter.
  4. May you have the brightest future, daughter.
  5. The proud parent of an 18-year-old girl.
  6. Turning 18 is the start of a new chapter, daughter.

How can I express my love to my daughter on her birthday?

10 Emotional Birthday Wishes for Daughter

  • Happy Birth Day my rising star you are my world, your guidance and friendship teach me many thing in my life, you are my lucky charm.
  • Have a Great Day my bundle of joy, my little princess; you make our day , thank you for bringing a smile to our face every day.

What is the best message for 18th birthday girl?

18th Birthday Messages

  • If you don’t do wild things while you’re young, you’ll have nothing to smile about when you’re old.
  • Happy 18th birthday.
  • Happy 18th birthday!
  • Happy adulthood!
  • Set the world on fire, dream BIG, and make your life as exciting to live than it is to remember.
  • Wishing you a happy birthday.

What do you say to a girl that turns 18?

She’s all grown up now and you need the perfect message for the 18th birthday girl.

  • Dream big dreams this year!
  • You really know how to shine.
  • May your 18th birthday be as flawless as you!
  • Someone as lovely as you deserves an amazing day! >
  • Celebrating your birthday and the wonderful woman you are.

What are some happy 18th birthday wishes for my daughter?

Best collection of happy 18th birthday wishes to my daughter. 1. You are a kind one, brilliant and beautiful. You have made a mark and we know great things are in store for you even as you journey through number 18 years. Cheers darling!!!

What are 18th birthday poems/verses?

18th Birthday Poems/Verses are ideal to use in cards, gift tags to help you make your greeting unique. These will help British visitors to say congratulations on coming of age. These are free for non commercial use and are ideal for family members and friends. It’s Arrived..

What should I say to my daughter on her 17th birthday?

Happiness, love, and passion are your attributes. I am grateful to God, for making me your mother. Happy birthday to you, my daughter! 7. Whenever we think of your future, we knew you were destined for great things and in your 17 years, you have exceeded our expectations.

How do you wish a 43 year old daughter Happy Birthday?

This is a new age, a new year and a new beginning, forget about the pasts and mistakes you made as a teen. Embrace the new you, the new age and the new status. Happy birthday, darling. 43. You are beautiful and brainy for your age. Don’t ever think less of yourself in any way, you are definitely the best version of you. Happy birthday, daughter!