What does Oracle APEX mean?

Oracle Application Express
Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a low-code development platform that enables you to build scalable, secure enterprise apps, with world-class features, that can be deployed anywhere.

How do I add an image to APEX?

The steps are really quite simple:

  1. Edit your application in the Application Builder.
  2. Click Shared Components.
  3. Click Static Application Files.
  4. Click Upload File.
  5. Choose the file from your local computer.
  6. Click the Upload button.

How do I change the Oracle logo in APEX?

navigate to the Application Builder for your application. click on the Shared Components icon. click the Images icon. click Create to upload a new image.

How do I display an image in APEX report?

How to Display a BLOB image in an APEX Report

  1. Create the Report using the APEX wizard. Create a new report.
  2. Define the Table or Query for the Report.
  3. Set the BLOB attribute settings.
  4. Change the report query to return the length of the BLOB.
  5. The BLOB object now appears 🙂

Is Oracle APEX a framework?

Oracle APEX refers to Oracle Application Express (APEX), which is a fully supported, rapid web and mobile application development framework included with the Oracle database at no cost.

How do I display an image in a VF page?

This is used when the image needs to be uploaded from local system:

  1. Login to Salesforce account.
  2. Click “Setup”
  3. Click “Develop”:
  4. Click “Static Resources”:
  5. Click “New”:
  6. Give Name, Description and choose image that needs to be uploaded:
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click “View file”: A new tab will open displaying the image.

How do I display an image in interactive grid?

1 Answer. You want to disable escape character of that particular column and select type ‘display only’. Then its working. you can see an image in the interactive grid.

How do I change the icon on Apex?

1 Answer

  1. Go to Shared Components -> Static Application Files,
  2. download app-icon. css and app-icon. svg.
  3. Edit the files with a Text editor and replace the existing Background color #6E8598 with the color hex code use want to use.
  4. Upload the modified files by clicking the Upload File button.
  5. Run the app again.

How do I display blob in Apex?

Steps to Display CLOB Contents in Oracle Apex Page Region

  1. Create the following table with CLOB column.
  2. Create an Interactive Report in Oracle Apex.
  3. Create a Static Content Region.
  4. Create an Application Process.
  5. Create a JavaScript Function.
  6. Add JavaScript Code to Make the Preview Region Sticky.

Does Oracle APEX use Java?

It’s ultimately a Java program that acts as the gateway. You can also use something called the embedded PL/SQL Gateway, which is part of the database server itself. No Java involved. Oracle REST Data Services is our strategic direction, embedded PL/SQL gateway is not.