What does Pro-TeKt do?

Pro-TeKt® provides supplemental potassium and silicon in an easy to use liquid concentrate. Silicon deposited in cell walls forms a Pro-TeKtive barrier, defending your plants from water loss due to high temperatures. The increased strength of cell walls also results in drastic improvement of stem and branch strength.

How do I use silica in my garden?

Most silica products on the market can be applied as a root feed or as a foliar spray. Plants can absorb much more through foliar feeding than just absorption through the root zone. Silica is also known to prevent powdery mildew when used as a foliar spray.

Is Dyna Gro Pro-TeKt organic?

Now only crops grown from unrefined minerals are recognized as “organic”. However, our Pro-TeKt is manufactured using raw material that is certified organic!

How do you use Pro-TeKt silica?

Use as a nutritional supplement for ALL plants.

  1. Maintenance: Use 1/4 to 1/2 tsp per gallon of water every watering.
  2. Hydroponics: Add 1/2 to 1 tsp per gallon of water for recirculating systems.
  3. Foliar Spray: Mix 1/2 tsp per gallon of water and spray directly on leaves.

When would you use potassium silicate?

Potassium silicate is an active ingredient to be used as a fungicide, insecticide and miticide. Potassium silicate will be used as a broad spectrum, preventative fungicide with optimum control obtained when used under a scheduled preventative spray program.

Do you need Cal Mag with Dyna Gro?

You do not need a Cal-Mag supplement when using Dyna-Gro™ nutrients. Supplement with Mag-Pro® to increase magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and sulfur levels. Flush: Dyna-Gro™ complete nutrient formulas require little to no flushing.

How is potassium silicate used in plants?

If you want to add the potassium silicate powder directly to your reservoir, use it at 0.3 grams per gallon in both the vegetative and blooming stages of growth. When preparing any nutrient solution with silica, it’s important to always mix silica in as the first ingredient.

What is the best form of silica for plants?

The best silica for plants is Alchemist Stout MSA. It is derived from a complex process that delivers the most readily available form of silicon possible.

Do you need Cal Mag with Dyna-Gro?

Is Dyna-Gro safe for vegetables?

Unlike many fertilizers, Dyna-Gro Nutrient Solutions contain all 16 essential minerals in addition to N-P-K. Each batch is closely monitored for quality, are low in soluble salts, and contain NO harmful urea. Safe and easy to use, they’re ideal for quality production of flowers, vegetables and herbs.

What is silica for plants?

Silica seems to promote an alkalizing effect in metal-heavy soil, thereby decreasing the concentration in the soil. This is partially because of the release of antioxidant enzymes that assuage oxidative stress. Leaves of plants with silica exposure also contain higher amounts of chlorophyll.

What does potassium do for plant?

Potassium (K) is the most abundant inorganic cation, and it is important for ensuring optimal plant growth (White and Karley, 2010). K is an activator of dozens of important enzymes, such as protein synthesis, sugar transport, N and C metabolism, and photosynthesis.