What is a 25 pin D connector?

The D connector has two or more parallel rows of contacts surrounded by a ‘D’ shaped metal frame. The D connectors were designed by the ITT Cannon in 1952. The D connectors have both male and female connectors and the pin numbers are available from 9 pin to 25 pin contacts.

Is D-Sub the same as DB25?

D-sub connectors are usually described by the total number of pins that they can hold. In some cases, a DB25 connector may only have 4 or 5 pins loaded into it; however, it is still called a “DB25” connector and not a “DB4” or “DB5”.

What is a D-sub wire?

A D-sub contains two or more parallel rows of pins or sockets usually surrounded by a D-shaped metal shield that provides mechanical support, ensures correct orientation, and may screen against electromagnetic interference. This creates an electrically continuous screen covering the whole cable and connector system.

What is a 25 pin cable used for?

Like the DB9 connector, the DB25 is primarily used for serial connections, allowing asynchronous transmission of data provided by standard RS-232 (RS-232C). It is also used for parallel port connections, initially used to connect printers, and is sometimes referred to as “printer port” (LPT).

What is a D-Sub pin?

A D-sub connector, also called a D-sub miniature, is an electrical connector commonly used in computers. D-sub connectors feature parallel rows of connector pins, surrounded by a metal shield. The shield is shorter on one side, resembling the D English letter.

Do people still use D-Sub?

It’s hard to imagine, but D-Sub connectors were the smallest type of connector used in computer systems. They connected computers to monitors, printers, and floppy disc drives. While they’re no longer prevalent in consumer electronics, they’re still used in some commercial equipment.

What is a sub – D connector?

A D-sub connector is a type of electrical connector that is used mainly in computing. It is most commonly used for video connections, such as those between a monitor and computer.

What is a 25 pair cable?

25 pair cable. 25 pair cables consist of 25 pairs of copper wires in a single bundle (containing a total of 50 wires). 25 pair cables are often used for telephone installations that have multiple telephone lines, to replace multiple Cat3/5/5e/6 cables in a single bundle.

What is a 25 pin connector?

DB-25 is part of the D-subminiature (D-Sub) connector plug and socket family for computer and communication devices. DB-25 is a 25-pin electrical connector for serial and parallel computer ports. It is arranged in rows of two with one 13-pin row above another 12-pin row.

What is a D shaped connector?

D-Shaped Connectors. Qualified for use in space, our D-shaped connectors are manufactured in application versions, such as connectors which mix power/coax cavities with size 20 signal contacts; feed-through connectors which provide a disposable interface for high use applications; and non-magnetic connectors with rubber grommet on the rear, for strain relief.