What is AMOA?

AMOA, originally known simply as MOA — The Music Operators of America — was born January 21, 1948, when 68 jukebox owners from around the country banded together to fight the repeal of the jukebox royalty exemption.

Why exhibit at Amusement Expo International?

Over the past decade, Amusement Expo International (AEI) has continued to expand, re-focus and deliver bottom-line benefits to a constantly-evolving marketplace. Held annually, AEI is a three-day program featuring one day of education and two days of exhibits.

What are the benefits of being an AMOA member?

AMOA Members get 2 FREE exhibit hall badges every year included with the membership (details here) Exhibit here in 2021! According to AEI visitor research, nearly 70 percent of AEI attendees control the buying decisions in their companies.

What is AMOA’s Pac?

AMOA’s Political Action Committee (PAC) allows members’ voices to be included in AMOA’s messages on key issues To learn more about your personal ROI, contact AMOA today!

Where is AMOA located in Crystal Lake IL?

© AMOA 380 Terra Cotta Road, Suite F Crystal Lake, IL 60012 United States 800-937-2662 Facebook Twitter Linkedin Instagram Back to top powered by MemberClicks

Can you see the AMOA’s new exhibition all three floors?

“The AMoA rarely has its collection on view throughout the building at one time, so this is a truly special exhibition to see. There will be a great variety of works throughout all three floors of the museum, definitely something for everyone to enjoy,” said Kim Mahan, the museum’s executive director.